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It costs $87.99 without tax

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โˆ™ 2007-05-08 17:42:09
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Q: How much does a birch tree cost?
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How much does a birch tree cost with tax?

$87.99 dollars (Without tax)

Is birch a hard wood?

Yes, birch is in fact a hardwood. Birch comes from the tree called the birch tree. This tree is usually found in Canada and the US.

What tree is a catkin bearing tree of the birch family?

A birch Alder tree is the correct answer to the question

How big is the largest birch tree?

The largest birch tree is in Thompson Mi.

Is a white birch tree leafy or conifer?

A white birch tree is "leafy."

What tree does a birch leaf come from?


How is birch wood made?

Birch wood comes from a birch tree.

Why is the white birch tree aptly named?

IT MEANS APPROITE TREE the approite white birch tree

What tree has silver - gray bark?

The Silver Birch Tree. The beech Fagus sylvatica also has silver grey bark but is much bigger than the birch.

What is the duration of The Birch Tree film?

The duration of The Birch Tree - film - is 1.53 hours.

When was The Birch Tree - film - created?

The Birch Tree - film - was created in 1967.

Is Birch tree a deciduous tree?

Birch trees are deciduous, losing their leaves in the Autumn (Fall).

What is Russia's state tree?

Russian state tree: Betula pendula, birch tree. Thank you very much. Edgar Acosta.

What is a sentence for birch?

Example sentence - We identified the tree as a birch.

What type of tree is a birch?

Softwood Huh, not the birch I have fell!

Is a grasshopper on your birch tree good or bad?

A grasshopper on your birch tree is neither good or bad but it is harmless.

What is the life cycle of the birch tree?

first the seed is planted, then it grows Ta DA a birch tree!

Is birch bark a living organism?

Birch bark is not a living organism, however the birch tree, where birch bark comes from, is.

Is a birch tree a monocot of dicot?

well dicot is a flowering plant/tree monocot is a seed plant/tree so a birch tree would be a monocot.

What does oak tree and birch tree have in common?

They are both trees. They are both deciduous and there the communality ends.

What does birch mean?


What tree is more common alder birch or elder?

Probably birch.

How tall is the average silver birch tree?

The average silver birch tree is about 3-4 meters tall.

What is a black birch?

A black birch is a tree of the species Betula lenta, with a dark bark resembling that of a cherry tree.

What kind of tree is it if it has a white tree trunk?