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How much does a cup of oil weigh?

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1 gallon of vegetable oil will weigh approximately 7.6 lbs so divide that by 16 ...[1 gallon = 16 cups]...7.6 divided by 16 =0.475

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How much does a cup of motor oil weigh?

it weighs 22 tonnes

How much does 1 cup of vegetable oil weigh in grams?

250grams approx

How much does a cup of soybean oil weigh?

The weight of one cup of soybean oil is 7.7 ounces. This is equal to 220 grams or 0.48 pounds.

How much does one cup of olive oil weigh?

1 cup of extra light olive oil = 214 g ( 0.2 kg ) = 7.5 oz

How much does a half a cup weigh?

Depends on what is in the cup...

How much is 200 grams of oil in cup?

200 grams of oil how much is in cup

How much does a cup of vegetable weigh?

1 cup = 8oz

How much does one cup of shelled pistachios weigh?

a cup of shelled pistachios can weigh anything because it depends how big the cup is

How much does a cup of lime juice weigh?

depends on the size of the cup

How much does one cup of salt weigh?

Granulated table salt will weigh about 9.6 ounces per cup.

How much does 1 cup tortilla chips weigh?

Tortilla chips will weigh around 26gms in 1 cup.

How much does a paper cup weigh?


How much does one cup of the sun weigh?

It is impossible to weigh parts of the sun. Though if you had one cup of the sun it would weigh eight ounces.

Does one cup of oil have the same mass as one cup of water?

Oil is less dense than water. Therefore, equal volumes of water and oil will not have the same mass. You can prove this by weighing each. The cup of oil will weigh less.

How many ounces of walnuts in a cup?

One cup is 8 liquid oz's If want to know how much one cup of walnuts weigh you will have to weigh them

How much does 1 gallon of canola oil weigh?

weigh it

How much does an oil tanker truck weigh?

the oil tanker weigh about 2000 pound tonnes

Does one cup of lard weigh as much as cup of water?

The cup of water is slightly heavier.

How much does one cup of lettuce weigh?

a cup of lettuce weights 1and a half cup

How much does the Stanley Cup weigh?

The Stanley Cup weighs 34.5 lbs.

How much does a cup of dried cranberries weigh?

1 metric cup = 125g

How much does a styrofoam cup weigh?

A Styrofoam cup weighs about 4.4 grams.

How much cooking oil equal one cup of lard?

1 cup of cooling oil

How much do Nascar Sprint Cup Series cars weigh?

NASCAR Sprint Cup Cars are standardized to weigh 3400lbs (1542.2kg)

How much does a cup of celery weigh?

approximately 4.16oz