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It weighs 1.673 *10^ -27 kilograms. Here is some more information on protons.

Protons are heavy particles made of three quarks. A proton is 1,836 times heavier than an electron. A proton is about 2*10^-15 meters across (2 femtometers). Protons carry a single positive electric charge.

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Does a neutron weigh as much as a proton?


A proton has a mass of?

A proton has what is known as one atomic mass unit (AMU) neutrons also weigh this much but electrons weigh much much less.

How much does a proton weigh in pounds?


If an electron weighed as much as a dime how much would a proton weigh?

it would weigh as much as a gallon of milk! it would weigh as much as a gallon of milk!

Does electron weigh more or less then proton and neutron?

An electron weighs much less than a proton or neutron A proton or neutron weights about 1,800 times as much as an electron.

If an electron had the same mass as a dime how much would a proton weigh?

4.164 kg. the mass of an American dime is 2.268 grams. multiply by roughly 1836.

How many times more does a proton weigh than an electron?

Electron = 9.109 X 10 - 31 kg Proton = 1.67 X 10 - 27 kg so, 1.67 X 10 - 27/9.109 X 10 -31 = 1833 times as much does a proton mass over an electron ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

What is the size of a proton neutron and electron?

The electron is the smallest having about 1/1836th the mass of a proton or neutron, which means that basically an electron has no mass. The neutron and proton weigh the same both having a mass of 1.

How much energy is produced when a proton and an anti proton collide?


Is an electron or a proton heavier?

An proton is much much heavier. An electon is so much lighter than oftentimes chemists pretend that they have no mass.

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How much mass in a proton?

A proton has a mass of 1 AMU (one atomic mass unit)

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How much does a grey aliens weigh?

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What is weight of proton vs weight of electron?

protons have a ram of 1 and electrons weigh 1/2000

Which subatomic particles weigh the most?

If you think to the components of an atom the biggest is the neutron but the proton is very close.

Can acids be described as proton doners?

Yes, Acids can very much be described or catagorized as a Proton Donor.

Does an electron have more maas than a proton or neutron?

an electron is much lighter than a proton or neutron.

What particle has about the same mass as a proton?

It is the neutron that has about the same mass as a proton. Recall that the tiny electron has a mass much less than one thousandth that of a proton.

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