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How much does a table games dealer at a typical casino make?


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This is a tough one. There are many different salaries for table game employees, and I am not including Poker Dealers in this because they go for their own tokes. Your average hourly rate is somewhere in the realm of 6 to 7 dollars an hour. However, you are not working for an Hourly salary, you are working for Tokes. Try looking at the Toke page at

Las Vegas strip Dealers make 35,000 to 98,000 per year

Off Strip station and Coast average around 38 thousand per year.

High end Off strip do around 60,000 per year.

There are various casinos that let you go for your own tokes in California and other states that dealers pull up to 120,000 per year or more. This depends on the dealer.

Rule of thumb. The higher the clientelle (high rollers, whales etc) the higher the tokes. This results in high wages for casino dealers.

As a dealer in one of the local casinos in Vegas, I can confirm the above mentioned information. Wages are mostly at the stae minimum ($7.55 for NV as of 7/1/09) but this could be a little lower if you also receive health insurance. The better paying gigs are in the top casinos on the Strip (Wynn, Venetian, Bellagio, Hard Rock), but very few hire experienced dealers fulltime for the moment. Only extra board shifts are rarely available. As a novice dealer out of a gaming school, you will start in a low-paying job in a very insignificant casino, but get your experience in for 6 months and try to move up. Try also to learn craps, as there seems to be a constant shortage of experience dice dealers, but DO NOT bluff your way into a job as your inexperience will be noticed within minutes by any good floor.