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The weight of a tanker truck depends on its size and carrying capacity. On average they weigh 80,000 pounds empty and can weigh as much as 100,000 pounds when full.

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Q: How much does a tanker truck weigh?
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How much does an oil tanker truck weigh?

the oil tanker weigh about 2000 pound tonnes

How much does a gas tanker truck cost?

How much does a gas tanker truck cost?"

Capacity of an oil tanker truck?

the capacity of how much a tanker truck holds is 40,000 kl

When did Ibadan tanker truck explosion happen?

Ibadan tanker truck explosion happened in 2000.

How much does a milk truck weigh?

No real way to give an answer here. You could be referring to a pickup truck transporting milk, or you could be referring to a tractor trailer with a tanker full of milk. You'd have to be a little more specific here.

What size and how much hose on fire truck?

Varies by type of truck, e.g., pumper, tender, tanker, hood-and-ladder, brush truck, etc.

What is the height of a tanker truck?

They are usually described by their volume capacity, it also depends on the size of the tanker. large ones can weigh about, 5000 to 9000 US gallons, and smaller ones are typically less than 3000.

How much does a fire truck weight?

weight of a fire truck depends on the size and cinfiguration of the truck brushpumpers(flat bed 4x4) will obviously not weigh same as a tanker we have a tanker/ engine that can pump 400 gallons a minute, and carries 3000 gallons of water this truck loaded weighs about 56000 pounds we have an engine that carries 1200 gallons of water and rescue equipment this truck only weighs about 28000 pounds a brushpumper with 300 gallons would weigh about 8000 pounds a rescue squad depends on size of truck and equipment carried on it a ladder truck is a different weight again hope this helps a little there are all types and sizes of fire trucks

What is the minimum turning radius of a tanker truck?

Depends entirely on the truck.

How much does a gas tanker truck hold?

The tankers that are pulled by semi tractors hold 5000 gallons.

How much does and oil tanker weigh?

Some super tankers can transport 2,000,000 barrels of oil.

How much water do fire truck have?

Depends on the size and type. Some don't carry any at all, and must be fed from a hydrant or water tanker truck.