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A subcompact car from Mitsubishi Motors, the Eagle Summit was manufactured from 1989 to 1996. It was among the passenger car lines that marketed the network of Jeep dealer sales and services in North America.

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Eagle Summit
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Why would a 92 Eagle Summit stall while idling then not start?

key words "today my girlfriend was running some errands. while idling in a parking lot, our car stalled. When she tried to start the car, it would turn-over just fine but wouldn't fire off. then she noticed smoke coming from under the so yeah, now it turns over but won't start. this should mean the computer or mpi relay is shorted out! hope this help. signed the mad scientist

AnswerCheck the ECI fuse in the fuse box under the hood.

I figured it out after about 2 weeks. I tried everything, distributor coil, vacuum leaks, the problem ended up being the ignition switch! Random eh? The ignition switch is grounded with the fuel pump. Bad switch, no fuel, no start. I figure I post this to help anyone else out there before you spend about 1200.00 dollars on average to replace the distributor and random shop fees trying to figure it out. I replaced it and hasn't stalled since.

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Where can you find a 1995 Eagle Summit repair manual?

I bought this same book from e-bay. just type in the model you need. Good luck. B. G.

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What car company made the Eagle Summit?

eagle made it, eagle was later bought out by Chrysler Actually the Eagle Summit wagon was made by Mitsubishi. I was also marketed as the Mitsubishi Expo LRV and the Dodge Vista wagon.

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Why would a '93 Eagle Summit automatic die while driving 30mph and then not start or turn over at all?

Has anyone looked ay the timing belt? Or done a compression test ? that's a pretty broad question.

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How do you get the distributor out of a Eagle Summit?

You can remove the distibutor, by locating it on the left-side of the engine block, remove the cap by two screws on either side, remove the two wiring harnesses and a possible third wire held on by a 10mm bolt. Then remove the two 12mm, bolts or nuts(depending on which model you have). the distributor should just pull out, some are easier to pull out than others, which may need just a little pry to get them loose.

i have no idea

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What is the firing order for a 1991 Eagle Summit 1.5L 4 cylinder?

1-3-4-2 Joe

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Where do you find NY state ELA test answer key?


^that site doesn't have the answer key for book 2 =/

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Do you have to drop the whole dashboard to get to the heater core on a 1994 Eagle Summit Wagon?

you didn't want...I have a 92 eagle summit wagon,needs a new heater core, I was quoted $800 for this job specifically because the whole dash has to come out.I have ordered the new heater core online from rockauto for approx $100, then went to the reference section of the library to the car repair manuals online and printed out the whole job.not only does the dash have to come out,but so does the console and the 2 front seats!! needless to say,I have not yet attempted it. It's getting a little warmer in vancouver.....
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How do you adjust the remote gas tank door release on a 1993 Summit so that it opens easily?

i am unsure how to make an adjustment to the release, but on mine the latch inside the tank door is bent in slightly, so the release on mine doesnt work. the door appears to be latched, but it easily open by pulling the tank door open.

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Why will your summit not start no codes in the computer changed distributor current going to distributor no fire out?

I have a 1991 Eagle Summit that just stalled out one day and would not start back up. Two years we played with this, switching out distributors, adjustments. No codes coming up on the computer and tno firing. Then I started making calls to parts shops and just about every parts person I spoke to said try the distributor. When I told them I did than they said it's the computer. What they have seen with these vehicles is that this problem is almost always caused by the distributor or computer. The dealerships and parts stores wanted too much for a computer- used (you don't know what you're getting)-rebuilt and new. I found this company in Texas that deals with rebuilding faulty vehicle computers. Prices are resonible and the company is terrific. They sent me a rebuild and I sent them my old one. The computer was installed and the vehicles, after being down for alittle over 2 years, started right up. The computer is Guaranteed for 1 year The company's website is: www.AutoComputerSupply.com Hope this helps.

Eagle Summit
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Difference between sensors and transducers with example?

a transducer is a device that converts one form of energy into another form for say light emitting diodes that converts electric energy into light energy ,

whereas sensors are those devices that sense the surroundings and feedback the data which is manipulated to give the output for example touch sensors in bikes and cars that can sense the touch and activates the sirens ...

Eagle Summit
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How do you repair different lighting outages such as taillights on an Eagle Summit?

I've had my tailights and gauge lights go out synomonously, and found the problem to be a fuse. Under your hood check the fuse box (should be labelled taillights) or w/e and make sure it's not blown, if it is don't worry only change to get a box of them.

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Where is the fuel pump at on a 1993 Plymouth Eagle Summit?

fuel pump

The fuel pump can be accessed by removing the lower part of the back seat. There is a round cover under the seat remove this and it provides access to the pump

this provides access to the fuel sending unit plug in which needs disconnected befor dropping the gas tank to get to the fuelpump .

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How to replace a starter on a 1993 Eagle Summit lx?

to change the starter locate the transmission bell howsing the starter will be located behind the motoer close to the tranny you will need to disk connect the battery, remove two bolts and slide out the starter remember which wires were conected to which terminal and insert the new starter reconnect the wires in order of which you took them off then tighten on the bolts

Eagle Summit

1993 Eagle Summit problem with distributor wont start?

there are tests that can be done to some of the components in the distributor, the first question that would have to be anwsered is what engine that you have in this car?

Eagle Summit
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Why do the call a tractor trailer truck a Semi?

You call it a semi because it pulls a semi trailer.

A semi is a type of trailer. A semi-trailer, as opposed to a full trailer, means it only has axles at the rear of the trailer and a full trailer has axles at the front and rear of the trailer. We call these in the UK "drags", as in wagon and drag, where the wagon that pulls the drag can carry a load on its own, whereas the semi-trailer truck, or tractor unit cannot carry anything without a trailer.

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How do you replace the water pump on a 1994 Eagle Summit?

The water pump is driven by the timing belt. That is the belt that turns the camshaft. The entire front (Driver's side) of the engine must be dis-assembled and the cam timing must be re-set. It is not the kind of job a back-yard guy can do unless he is very familiar with this job and has the engine-specific tools required to set the cam timing. if the job is done and the cam timing is wrong, the valves will smash into the tops of the pistons when the engine is turned over. This pretty much destroys the top-end of the engine. Buy a repair manual and the right tools.

87pontiac writes,

On my 1995 Eagle Summit the water pump is driven by a drive belt that goes around the crankshaft pulley,alternator pulley and water pump pulley. No need to remove timing belt or cover for that matter.

Eagle Summit

What might cause radio interference noise in an eagle summit 1992?

Try using a resistor plug, opposed to regular plug. Also use thicker spark plug wire instead of 6 mm use 7 or 8 mm

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How hard is it to turn without power steering?

It is not hard at all. I have a 1995 coupe and don't have a problem at all in city traffic.

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How do you access the fuel pump on a 1989 Eagle Summit DL?

The fuel pump is located in the fuel tank. Just replaced it twice on a LX model. Manuals I have gotten on this car are incomplete and contain wrong info as well.The most informative manual so far is Mitchell's. If you can find the Chrysler manual I would suggest getting it.Here's how i changed it. Jack up right side of car , remove wheel , there is a drain plug to empty the tank if you wish to do so, disconnect two rubber lines that are clamped with circular metal clamps, remaining hose is supply line and requires two wrenches to uncouple. Four nuts hold the tank up to the frame lossen and remove the nuts while supporting the tank . Drop the the tank while making sure the fuel quantity sending wires are not stretched or broken and as the tank drops further the fuel pump power wires. when tank is on ground or dropped far enough you can disconnect the wire plugs for the sending unit and pump. When all that is accomplished the tank can be moved to a location where it is easier to work the pump removal task. Please read and follow all warnings about working the gas system. especially disconnecting the battery. Have fun

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Where is the engine groundwire located on a 1989 Eagle Summit?

follow the battery negative cable to it's other end and, voila, there is your ground.

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What are the tools and procedures needed to replace a front drive wheel bearing on a 97 Chevy Cavalier?

Make darn sure it isn't the tire first. Take the strut off, and have the bearing pressed.

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Can a backyard mechanic replace front wheel bearings on a Summit Wagon?


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Download mp3 of Ehsaan Itna Sa Kar De?

i want to download ehsaan itna sa kar de song

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Why wont a 1991 Eagle Summit ES not start But it turns over very well?

An engine needs 4 things to run; air, fuel, compression, and spark. Make sure the intake isn't blocked first do that the air is getting into the engine. Next, check to make sure that there is spark getting to the plugs. Pull a plug and hold it against the head as a friend turns the key. You should see a nice blue spark. Next, do a compression check on all the cylinders. If you have spark, air, and compression, then it isn't getting fuel. Check the pump for fuel pressure and the injectors to make sure fuel is squirted out of them. I'm willing to bet either your fuel filter is plugged or the fuel pump is shot.


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