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This category covers questions about the American Motor Corporation, renamed as Eagle when it was bought by Chrysler Corporation March 9, 1987. The American Motor Corporation was founded on January 14, 1954 with its headquarters in Southfield, Michigan.

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What is an AMC car?

Here's a very short history from AllPar: "Failing automakers Hudson and Nash merged their fortunes to become American Motors Corporation, hoping that they could reap some economies of scale. Eventually, due to slow sales for their overweight cars, they were bought by Renault, partly to increase Renault's sales in the US. Renault's attempt failed, and Chrysler, under 'buy and sell' Iaccoca, bought AMC. Iaccoca, for unknown reasons, dropped the AMC name, replacing it with Eagle."
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How do you change a heater core in a 1988 Eagle Premier 6 clyander?

Replacing a heater core on any vehicle is a hard job and that is by a someone that has skill and practice with replacing heater cores. So make sure that it is really bad before attempting this. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being most difficult, most are at a minimum a 5 and some can be a 15. This is not a repair that I would suggest you undertake unless you have lots of time and information is on your side. It can sometimes take hours even if you know what you are doing. Take the time to think this over before you start because it is a difficult and time consuming job. The hardest part is just getting to the core. You have to know how to remove everything necessary to get to it without breaking something. It is very seldom close to being easy. That is one job I always dreaded when I was working.

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What would you have to do to use 343 pistons in an AMC 360 if you can?

The 343 is a GEN-2 AMC V-8, the 360 a GEN-3. The difference in the block is a 0.16" deck height and corresponding stroke increase. The 360 uses a longer rod, and also a different piston pin height than the 343. I don't recall the difference in piston pin height (center of pin to top of the piston), but that is different as well. The 343 used 10:1 compression and a flat top piston with valve reliefs. GEN-1 heads have a smaller combustion chamber than MOST GEN-2 engines, the exception being 1970 through mid 1971 GEN-2 heads. These have the castin number ending with "291C" and beginning with "319". Compression will be less than 10:1 with the flat-top pistons even with the small chambers due to the 343 pistons lower pin height, but will be more than the stock 8:1 compression. The same is true even with big chamber mid 70-91 GEN-3 heads. The 343 pistons will mount on the 360 rods, just check pin height and valve clearance. Once pin height is measured compression can be determined. It should be around 9-9.5:1 depending on heads used. Frank Swygert Publisher, "American Independent Magazine" (for AMC/Rambler vehicles) http://farna.home.att.net/AIM.html

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What is the number of a 1994 eagle DL timing chain?

I'm assuming you mean part number? Any auto parts store can get you one, just go to the counter and ask! The timing chain and gears are the same on all AMC sixes from 1966-2005 (same as the Jeep 4.0L currently used in the Wrangler). Frank Swygert, Publisher, "American Independent Magazine" (for AMC/Rambler vehicles) http://farna.home.att.net/AIM.html

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What is the firing order for a 1983 AMC Eagle 6 cylinder?

All AMC in-line sixes fire 1-5-3-6-2-4. Frank Swygert, Publisher, "American Independent Magazine" (for AMC/Rambler vehicles) http://farna.home.att.net/AIM.html

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How can you translate the trouble codes on a 1981 AMC Eagle?

I found a book at my local library called 'Chilton's Repair & Tune-up Guide American Motors 1975-82 and it has a list on trouble codes and a general description of what might be the problem on page 139-140. 32 different codes are listed. The AMC eagle doesn't use "trouble codes". The diagnostic connector is an analog connection that allows you to monitor engine conditions. 1981 is the one year when trouble codes ARE flashed on the instrument panel via the 'check engine' light. The translations are in the 1981 AMC service manual. Check out this site for directions on how to wire up a diagnostic tool.

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How do you unseize a 90' eagle talon turbo?


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What is the value of a 1966 AMC Rambler Marlin?


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How do you replace the water pump on a 1982 AMC Eagle?

Remove fan shroud, radiator, fan clutch and fan blades. Then the water pump bolts will be accessible. You can avoid removing the plate that goes across to the P.S. pump, but you do have to remove the bracket bolted to the top of the engine block that supports the belt tensioner. Be sure to use a reverse rotation (serpentine belt) or a standard rotation (v-belt) water pump depending on your vehicle.

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What alterations will be necessary to make a 4 point 0 straight 6 engine out of a jeep fit into a 1988 AMC eagle?


I have herd that there are no aters needed for thiss swap other than a shorter drive shaft

My answer The 4.0 is based on the original 258 since AMC was low on cash in 1986 when the 4.0 was first relased. I think you could.... it should bolt onto the 904 as well with liuttle or no modification... If it don't fit Getta bigger hammer.

go to amceaglenest.com its all there

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What does an AMC Pacer look like?

It would near a half of a football with about a much glass as metal

also right side door was about 6" longer than left side.

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How much is a 1969 AMC Javelin worth?

Try nada.com

with old cars like that it all depends on origonality, doall the numbers match? (Block, heads, trans ect.) How many miles on the car? Is it all aftermarket and supercharged race ready? It depends on what its worth to YOU and the seller.

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Where is the fuse box on an Eagle 2000 GTX?

The fuse box is under the dash on the left hand side. Right above the foot rest if installed.

If you are having trouble finding information about the 2000 GTX you can look at information for Mitsubishi Galants of the same year as they are nearly identical cars.

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1983 AMC Concord 258 inline 6 it has a aftermarket aluminum valve cover I need to replace the gasket do you need a special type or can you just go to a parts store for one?

I had a 1983 AMC concord it was my first car. Finding parts for them even back in 1989 was tough because they changed their suppliers in mid production. My valve cover leaked oil because of a strange design on how they were fastened to the head. The bolts came out the top of the cover instead of around the rim. I managed to find a kit that replaced the head bolts that has threaded posts to fasten around the edge instead of the factory design. Until you change the bolts you will never get the cover tight enough to not leak. Trust me I tried. Unless your car has a different design, which is possible with an AMC of that year. Try to find one of these kits (they come with a new valve cover and the retro fit head bolts)and then replace the valve cover gasket. Be careful not to tighten it too tight as i did and cracked the cover which was plastic. The bolts should be tightened in inch pounds and not foot pounds. I did foot pounds and it cracked. Good luck! I liked that car it really was nice riding and had good power. I could smoke the tires pretty easily.

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Which spark plug do you use for a AMC Pacer -75 258 cid?

For all the AMC / Jeep straight sixes from the 1960's and 70's, the original plug was the Champion N12Y. If the car was used mostly for short trips, we would put in a little bit "hotter" plug, N14Y.

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Is there an optional 2-4 WD shift mechanism for the original vacuum system for 80 -88 AMC Eagle?

It was never optional, however the early 1980-1983 models had the NP119 transfer case which did not have a 2WD mode, thus no selector was on those models (they were 100% 4WD all the time). Due to market pressure, later models from 1984-1988 all had the NP129 transfer case which was the selectable one, and all had a selector on the dash using a vacuum shift system. This was to satisfy consumers who didn't want to lose a couple miles per gallon when they didn't need the 4WD (and so the advertising could tout the slightly higher MPG figures). Sometimes AMC did some odd things depending on parts they had available, so there could be a few NP119's (and lack of selector switch) in 1984 models - aside from what previous owners might have swapped/modified.

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What is the value of a 1984 amc eagle wagon?

Not Much..

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How many 1969 amc Javelin Big Bad Blue cars were made?

465 Sources http://bigbadamc.tripod.com/index.html and confirming.. http://www.javelinamx.com/JavHome/basics/basics.htm#1969

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What should compression be for a 360 amc?

You should look for consistancy in compression readings rather than individual numbers-- all cylinders should be within 10% of each other i.e. 150 ok with 135-165

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How do you replace the starter on a 1986 amc eagle?

It is quite simple. Disconnect the battery first. On the starter there is one wire that you need to disconnect. Remove the two bolts holding the starter and pull it forward (towards the front of the vehicle) and out.

Reverse for installation.

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How do you put a v8 in an amc Gremlin?

A Gremlin... we used to have one of those. I loved that car. Anyway, the Gremlin's did have a V-8 option and so the easiest way would be to find all the factory stuff and go that route. Yeah baby, maybe put an AMC 360 or 401 in there with the torque flite tranny. You'd be smokin' then dude. But if that's not possible, you'll have to do it the good old fashioned way and make everything. Motor and tranny mounts, drive line, cooling system, etc. Have fun and way cool.

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Car cuts off when in gear?

If the car has an automatic transmission, then it might have lock up torque converter. If the torque converter is engaged while the engine is at idle, then the engine will stall. Bring the vehicle to reputable transmission repair facility and have the replace the torque converter clutch solenoid.

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Can you bolt a 4L HO to a 3 speed atuomatic transmission in a 80 AMC eagle that has the origanal inline 6 still in it?

No. The one engine will interfere with the other. Both cannot occupy the same space.

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Where is the oil pressure sending unit on a AMC 360?

It's been a long time since I've seen one of those, but I believe it's on the lower part of the timing cover, near the oil filter.


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