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The median expected salary for a typical Architect in the United States is $56,637.

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Q: How much does an architect get paid?
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How much does an architect get paid monthly?

how much does a architect get paid a month?

Does an architect or carpenter get paid more?

An architect would get paid much more.

About how much does an architect get paid?

Architect I- $38,053.50 Average.

How much does a starting architect get paid a month?


On average how mush does an architect get paid?

it depends on what you desighn so how ever much the supplies are is pretty much how much you get paid!!

How much does an architect gets paid?

A hard working architect gets up to 150,000 - 200,000 per year

How much money dose a landscape architect make?

They get paid about$300

How much do architects make in their salary?

An Architect will get $100,000-$300,000 A month. My Brother,Jesse is an Architect and he gets paid about $200,500 a month.

How much does an architect get paid in India?

six million english pounds a month

How many sick days does an architect get?

Still wouldn't get paid as much as Micheal Jordan.

How much does a skyscraper architect get paid?

45,000 - 95,000 and the better you are the more the client will be willing to pay.

Highest paid architect?

my mom

How much do you get paid as an achetecht?

i assume you mean architect??$50000 is what I believe is average with a few years experience

What are the best paid jobs in Argentina?

An Architect.

How much does the highest paid architect make a year?

The highest payed architects are payed roughly 127,000 dollars.

Who owns your house plans that you paid an architect to design?

The Buyer owns the plans but the Architect owns the design. That simply means no reproducing (copying) without consent from the Architect.

Who designed the staples center?

An architect who was paid major dollars.

How does an architect get paid?

Through fees for the work that he/she is commissioned. If the architect is employed by a company or other organisation the he/she receives a regular salary.

How much does an architect make a year?

architects make like around 100,000-500,000. because an architect that made like 200,000 and if you get hired in a good paid company then you might make around 400,000 or maybe 600,000

How much does Australia architect earn?

Well they can get paid anywhere from $34.000 to $74.000 but it all depends on how long you've been doing it and how good you are

What are the highest paid jobs in Canada?

Java/J2EE senior Architect

Does an architect or a dentist earn more money?

Unless the architect is exceptionally well-known and well-paid, the dentist will make more money.

How much can an architect get paid?

£135,000 a year. if they make something known around the world (like the Eifel tower) than there salary will be alot more.

Who built le sacre coeur?

The people of France paid for it, the architect was ABADIE

How much education is needed to become an architect?

What type of education do architect need?