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How much does it cost to become a brain surgeon?


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To become a neurosurgeon "brain surgeon" costs the same as it does for any other type of doctor. One has to first graduate high-school, attend college usually for 4 years, then attend medical school for 4 years. During one's 4th year of medical school he/she applies to a residency program. Neurosurgery residencies are about 7 years long. During residency you work awful hours and get paid in the $40,000/yr range, but after residency you'd be makeing many hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Cost all depends on how expensive the college you attend is or how expensive the medschool you attend is, and also any loans, grants, scholarships you get. Count on it being at least 200k though, but then again if you're making 500k or more a year after residency who cares.