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If a horse is exclusively on pasture only, then the cost to feed it is the cost of the land and its maintenance.

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Q: How much does it cost to feed a horse during winter if its in a pasture?
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What did a horse cost in 1900?

The price of a horse in the year 1900 varied by the type of horse being purchased. On average the cost of a horse during this time was $70.00.

What is the cost and where to board your horse in phoenix Arizona?

The price will depend greatly on how you keep your horse. Any barns with a pasture are going to be more expensive than those without in that area due to the cost of maintaining that pasture. Costs can run from $200 on upward. The barn you choose should be based on what features you like best at that barn, nobody can tell you about 'one perfect barn.'

How much per year does it cost to take care of a horse on your land?

It costs about $1500 per year if you have to buy Hay. About $1000 if you have summer pasture.

How much would it cost to graze a horse roughly?

It doesn't cost anything to graze your horse, (Graze: when a horses, cattle, or sheep eat grass continuously in a pasture)But it can cost you roughly a thousand dollars, depending on the price, to buy some green land to make a pasture or paddock for your horse to graze in.Also make sure to pull out any poisonous plants and fix any broken fences or stray barbed wires, as this can put your in great danger of colic and injury!

How much does it cost monthly to feed a horse?

Itall deoends how much you feed your horse. I feed my horse twice a day and he gets half a scoop of pasture mix, half a scoop of honeychop and half a scoop of sugarbeet and this costs me £20 a month

How much does a winter coat cost in the Great Depression?

An overcoat cost about $20 during the Great Depression.

How much did a horse cost during the civil war?

Due to the heavy demand for horses during the war, horses cost between $100.00 and $170.00 dollars per head.

How much does it cost to take care of a mini horse per month?

A mini can eat 1 to 2 flakes of hay a day and doesn't need grain. It depends on how much pasture you have and how much hay costs where you live.

How much will a horse cost per year?

It depends on what type of horse you have. if you have a horse you show every weekend hardcore than you can spend around 12000 dollars a year. if you have a horse out in a pasture it will not cost half as much. horses are not cheap! i have 2 horses one i do AQHA circuits with and the other i do open shows with every weekend. when i go up to World it is about 10000 just to do several classes and a open show every weekend with that not including feed is about 200,000 dollars a year!

How much does it cost to buy a horse in South Africa?

In South Africa, the cost of a horse can be around R30,000. Looking after the horse can cost around R2,500 per month.

How much did a horse cost in 1855?

In 1855, the average riding horse cost as much as $200. A workhorse could cost is much as $50. A good breeding horse could cost more than $200.

What is the cheapest price a horse can cost?

A horse can cost as low as $200 on That's the best place to find a horse for sale in your area

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