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Depends on what is wrong, and if you want to go new or used. The quickest way to fix it is to replace the speed sensor on the transmission, just 2 or 3 bolts...real easy. You can buy these from a dealer for $80, or on e-bay for $25. However, this is usually not the problem...typically (from what I've seen on the net...and my own) it is the gauge cluster. If you replace JUST the speedo from the dealer, will be $360, plus $50 to set the mileage (plus labor to install if you don't know how to do it yourself). Better option, is to hit e-bay. You can buy used clusters for about $100. They are just plug and play (3 plugs on the back). Fairly simple to install, but a couple tricks, like there is a hidden screw behind the hazard switch, so pull that out before pulling the trim out. Other trick is to pull out the TOP of the trim first, and then the bottom push back and lift out.

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Q: How much does it cost to fix your 93 Honda civic dx speedometer?
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