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This semester my bill for UMass Amherst was this:

(spring 2010 semester)

Tuition: $ 857.00

Fees: $4,123.00

Housing: $3,875.50

Meal plan -

Total: $8,855.00 per semester ($17,710.00 a year)

Housing can be a little cheaper if you are in the regular dorms, but I'm in a more expensive on-campus apartment. I have no meal plan this semester since I'm cooking in my apartment, but meal plans can cost you around $1,000.

If you get a good MCAS score, you can get the J&A Adams Tuition Scholarship and waive the entire tuition cost (which isn't really much - it's the fees that get you).

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Q: How much does it cost to go to umass?
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