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It depends on your Phone, Carrier and how much you want to use.

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“can I get internet service without a phone line, and how much will it cost on a monthly basis.””

The cost include phone connection cost, phone rent and internet rent. It is much cheap better to take a broadband connection if available.

No, it would only cost as much as your phone company charges for using the internet.

it depends on the phone company, phone,and acessories you put on it like internet and texting.

Yes, 'How much' will depend on the service provider.

£150 can be less on eBay or internet for £60

If you mean how much it will cost you, that depends on the ISP. You can compare prices by asking different ISPs.

no but if you dont have any and you have the internet on your phone to download them of the internet cost

It will cost more. You are paying for the internet plus the internet based phone service. So the over all cost is more.

The cost for quest internet is $14.95 per month for a twelve month period with a qualified home phone service. If you do not have a qualified home phone service the cost is $29.99 per month for 6 months.

That depends on he plan that you get and the company that you go through. Just know what features you want on the phone, ie texting vs no texting amounts of minutes a month, internet on phone vs no internet on phone

It depends on whether or not you want phone with the internet service. Without the phone added to the plan, it starts at about 15 dollars a month but if you want a faster downloading speed then it can cost up to 140 dollars.

how much does it cost for wireless internet a month

Facebook is free, but using it on your mobile phone is going to require an internet connection which does cost money!

how much does it cost How much does wireless internet cost for ITOUCH?

Through AT&T, the cost of a data plan for a phone like the Eternity is $15.

If your provider lets you get online at all, they'll probably charge you airtime. Cingular did this before i got an internet plan. If you use it a lot, get a plan. It'll be much cheaper.

Well i have Verizon wireless and i have the lg env touch and im only 11 but i have internet and its 30 dollars a month and trust me its worth it

No , Not Unless You Actually Use The Internet. If You Only Use The Text Messages Then It Won't . I Have It And It Does Not Cost Anything. And I Don't Have Internet On My Phone!

It depends if you have free Internet or not. If you do then it wont cost and if you have a touchscreen and can download it then it wont cost i think. If you don't have free Internet then it will cost! Hope this helps Calsta

Palm mobile phones cost about $50-$350. This cost difference is because there are so many types. For example, if you want the internet on your phone, it would cost more.

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