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How much does it cost to operate the IRS?

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2012-03-22 02:11:00
2012-03-22 02:11:00

To collect over $2 trillion they would like about $11 billion for 2008. Will likely be budgeted for much less. See link for wish list budget.

Note: 1 trill = 1,000,000,000,000

1 bill = 1,000,000,000

So if we didn't just casually round the collections and you even just said 2.1T....that .1 T is one tenth a Trill or 100 Bill! Their budget is well within the trailing rounding! (If your thinking of arguing something like it costs more to collect taxes than it's worth).

The statement in quotes is opinion. Not fact. Use a value added tax. Eliminate the IRS completely. Even Illegal Aliens would pay taxes raising revenue. With our current debt, America cant afford an $ 11 billion dollar waste.

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