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How much does it cost to replace starter on Honda civic?


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To replace the starter on a Honda Civic, you can expect to pay around $50. This is an average price, as some are $20, while others are closer to $100.


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The starter will cost you around $85. The labor will be another $75.

the starter it's self is about $100 it's not to hard to replace just under the breather at the front of the engine

For my '88 Civic, it cost me right at $180 to replace back in '97.

Cost for new tires on a Honda Civic will vary. This price will be different depending on whether they are new or used and where you purchase them.

My wife is paying 441.00 for her Honda civic '05.

The cost to replace a transmission on a Honda Civic depends on where the transmission is purchased, if it is new or used, and the charge of labor if any at all. Some used transmissions for a Honda Civic can start around $500. A new transmission can start around $1,700.

A 2003 Honda Civic'c cost will depend largely on the amount of miles on the Honda Civic. The more miles on the civic, the cheaper the Honda Civic will be.

The price of the starter at most Auto Parts stores will be around $125. The labor cost will be around $85. If you get it at a Honda dealer you can double the cost of the starter.

Not sure but you no longer have to replace the whole fuse box. Honda now makes replacement ELDs

i want to now how much it is to repair a Honda civic type r clutch 2003/2004 model

I just paid $600 at a Honda dealer to replace fuel pump in a 2002 Honda Civic. Delray Beach, Florida

The cost to replace a Honda PCV valve runs between $5 and $20. This depends on the car year make, the store and the part brand.

The cost of a new blower motor for a 1991 Honda Civic ranges between 60.00 and 80.00 as of 2014. Labor to install ranges from 50.00 to 75.00 an hour.

If you choose an aftermarket distributor, the approximate cost is $200. If you choose a distributor from a Honda dealer, the approximate cost is $400. The approximate cost of labor is $75-$100.

about $4000-$12,000 depending on how bright you want it

Approx $65.00, for an 2005 Honda Civic EX

The total cost for replacing bolt, serpentine belt and belt tensioner on a 2006 Honda Civic?

To replace the brake pads of a Honda Civic it is going to cost anywhere from 144 to 207 dollars. This price increases to as much as up to 289 dollars, if the rotors have to be resurfaced.

I just replaced mine. It cost $710 plus tax. I live in the Dallas, Texas area.

When an axle breaks on a 1994 Honda Civic it is less expensive to replace it rather than repair it. Replacement axles in labor costs under $300 per side.

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