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How much does jp-5 fuel cost?

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The price of jet fuel (JP5) varies from time to time and from place to place just like the prices of all other fuels.

It is usually about twice or three times as much as the current cost of automotive gasoline.

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What energy is used for a jet?

Jp5 fuel Jp5 fuel

What is the flash point of JP5?

The flash point of JP5 is 60 oC.

What does diesel smell like?


How much does a 1990 plymoth sundance fuel pump cost?

How much does a 1990 plymoth sundance fuel pump cost?

What are jp4 and jp5 fuel?

JP4 is Jet Propulsion Fuel 4, made up of 35% light petroleum distillates and 65% gasoline. JP-5 or Jet Propulsion Fuel 5 is a military specification for purified kerosene jet fuel. There is no JP54

IAre Jet A and JP 5 fuel both used in civil airliner jet engines?

Yes. JP5 is primarily used in turbo fan engines, but they are blended for high performance and fuel economy.

How much will it cost to go 900 miles?

Distance divided by fuel economy equals total fuel used. Fuel used times cost of fuel equals total cost.

How much does the fuel cost to get to the moon?

£43,000 using using fuel that cost 138p and a car that does 35MpG

How much does space fuel cost?


How much does the fuel on a space shuttle cost?

== ==

How much would it cost to drive Melbourne to cairns?

how much will it cost in fuel to drive from melbourne to cairns

How much will it cost to drive 100 miles?

Depends on what you are driving and the cost of the fuel.

Is the cost of fuel for vehicles a variable cost?

Variable cost: The cost change with the change in activity is called variable cost. So as much fuel used cost increased accordingly so it is variable cost.

How much does a fuel pump relay cost?


How in fuel will it cost to travel to London?

Not very much.

How much does it cost to replace a fuel pump Camry?

The cost to replace a fuel pump in a Toyota Camry will depend on the price of the fuel pump and also the mechanic. On average, it will cost an estimated $400 or more to replace the fuel pump.

How much does it cost to heat 25 gallons of water for a shower?

That depends on the fuel and the cost of the fuel and the temperature of mains water and the shower.

How much does aviation fuel cost for civilian aircraft?

35,000 tons of fuel would get you to Paris from London and would cost £4500

How much does it cost to change a fuel pump on a 2002 Chevy Cavalier?

It cost about $600.

How much would fuel cost for a ferrari?

it would cost about 1 - 10 dollars

How much is plane fuel?

The cost changes a lot much like gasoline, and the cost is slightly different for prop or jet fuel, but it's usually around $4.00 a gallon.

How much does it cost to fuel a plane?

It depends entirely on the aircraft, type of fuel, how much fuel and where you are in the world. For instance, to fill a Cessna 172 in Canada or US would cost about as much as filling an average minivan, - a 747 would be a bit more - -

How much does it cost to replace the fuel pump for the escalade?

fuel pump is about 350 and about 4hrs labor

How much do fuel filters cost?

Depend on size,type,model,and durability of the fuel filter.

How much will it cost for fuel if you drive 20000km?

2000000000000000000000000000000000.11 pesos

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