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Q: How much does moving long distance cost?
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How much is pod aveage cost for long distance move?

It depends on several factors: -where you're moving to/from -the distance you're moving -the date you're moving -the size POD/container you need -whether or not you need labor crews to help with packing/loading/unloading Considering the many details considered for calculating the cost of a long distance move, you'll need to contact a moving company directly to receive an accurate estimate. Cross country moving rates vary depending on the services you choose (AND the company you select as well).

How much are professional movers?

It is difficult to say how much professional movers would cost as it all depends on the distance and how much stuff you have that needs to be packed. If you’re moving in-state it can cost anywhere between $2000 to $25,000 depending on the distance and the amount of your belongings. Moving a 4-bedroom house across the country could cost around $20,000 to $25,000.

How much did long distance pay phone calls cost in 1972?

10 cents

How much does it cost to hire movers to move furniture from Texas to California?

Interstate and long distance moves are often much costlier than local moves. Get moving quotes from different moving companies to get a better idea. Estimates are usually free so it won't be a problem.

How much do moving services cost?

hi ht tps:// U-Pack specializes in long distance moving services with coverage across the U.S., Canada & Puerto Rico. A "you pack, we drive" moving solution, U-Pack customers enjoy the cost savings of packing & loading themselves, without having to drive.

How much will it cost to call Germany from Texas?

This depends on your phone company and how much they charge for long distance calls.

How much does it cost to make a long distance call to Mexico?

a dollar each minute..i think

How much does it cost to move to Texas from Georgia?

The cost of moving from Texas to Georgia depends on what the person is moving with and exactly where they are moving to.

How much does a moving truck cost?

How many beebies does it take to fill a silo? Answer: One if it is big enough. How much does a moving truck cost? Answer: It depends on how big the load is you are moving and how far you are moving it.

How much does the moving walkway cost?


How much does it cost to call a UK mobile from the US?

It depends on your long-distance company and calling plan.

How much does it cost to call Florida from New York?

That depends entirely on your long distance telephone plan.

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