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it will cost 25 cents if you are on telstra but you can get one cent txt now so its heaps cheaper

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Sending a text message to an email address costs the same ammount of money it does to send a text message from a mobile phone to another mobile phone.

Use MMS. Its the same as sending an sms message. You use mms instead of sms

1987 Telstra introduces the first mobile phone network to Australia - the AMPS or Analogue Mobile Phone System ( ).

This will depend on the type of mobile phone you have. A 900Mhz phone or 1800Mhz phone will work in Australia.

First you have to see whether Bulgarian phone is on same network that Australia's mobile and you have to see also that you have services to send message from your mobile.Or you may choose some internet website and browse them from your mobile and send txt message to world wide.

If your talking about a text message then all you should have to do is this: Select send a message Then type in your message When it says To: All mobile phone numbers in Australia are ten digits long and start with 04. You must take out the 0 when calling in from outside the country. Therefore type in the international access code for the country you're calling from, then the country code for Australia which is 61 then type in the mobile phone number of the person you're calling but leave out the first 0 of the phone number. If your international access code is 0011 and the phone number of the person you want is 0418 123 456 the phone number you send your text to would be 0011 61 418 123 456.

you can make a call to another phone and transfer a voice message by talking, or you can type in a text message to another phone.

SMS stands for Short Message Service and is also called texting or text messaging. SMS messages or 'texts' are usually sent from one mobile phone to another mobile phone. It is a quick and convenient way of sending a short message to someone anywhere.

It means a call from one cell (mobile) phone to another cell (mobile) phone. Some companies offer free calls from one mobile to another mobile phone using the same service.

No you cannot, you can call another mobile phone.

turn your phone on and click send on the message,

no option available in this phone for forwarding.

In Message/Settings activate Broadcast message.

To call an Australian mobile phone, you dial the Australian mobile number. It does not matter if the mobile phone is physically in Australia, Honolulu, or anywhere else.

One can purchase mobile phones in Australia at Crazy Johns, Telestra and Mobile Citi. MosMobiles has over 85 stores all over Australia. Allphones is a listing service for mobile phone retailers for all of Australia.

i think it means it means that a message will be sent to there phone or they are on line from there phone

T-mobile in usa amd vodafone in Europe and Australia

mobile cell phone all circuits are busy message

It sure does, they'll get it when they switch their phone on.

It's like an email sent from a mobile phone.

you can't you listen to it and call that person back

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