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How much does the US rely on foreign fuel?

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Today, America imports from foreign sources about 60 percent of the oil it consumes. About three of the 11 million barrels per day the United States imports come from the Middle East.

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What fossil fuel is the us dependent on by foreign countries?


Why does fossil fuel use in the US make the US vulnerable to the political wishes of foreign countries?

Because the foreign countries control the price of oil and who they sell to.

How much is US foreign debt?

US foreign debt is now over 4.5 trillion dollars a year. China holds a majority of the US foreign debt.

Which technology would best help the US wean itself from foreign oil?

biodiesel fuel

How much foreign currency can you bring into the US?

10,000 euros

How much foreign aid does the US give to Tunisia?

1.5 billion

The rapid growth of industry in the US helped fuel imperialism because?

Americans had more times read foreign places.

What are some pros for offshore drilling?

There will be way more fuel on hand... more fuel... less $ at the pumpThere will be much less dependency on foreign countries (that we finance so they can buy weapons to use against us)Less conflicts about trade and money in the Middle East.

How much US foreign aid goes to Saudi Arabia?

3 billion

Both President Carter and President Reagan favored lifting controls on domestic oil production because they wanted the US to do what?

Rely less on foreign oil. NovaNET! mickey~

How much is fuel in the US?

a gallon? US average is about $1.90 a gallon, but it depends on what region of the states you are in.

How much foreign aid does Egypt get?

Egypt gets 1.5 Billion a year from US

How much does the US give to Cuba each year in foreign aid?

68,000,000,004 USD

How much of the electrical energy in the us is produced by nuclear fuel?

About 20%

How much foreign aid does the US give to Egypt?

This past year the US gave a approximately $1.5 billion to Egypt

Why do Iowa beef producers want restrictions on foreign beef producers selling beef in the US?

They don't want the competition that the other foreign beef producers pose with their imports. They want the opportunity to supply beef to the people of the USA themselves, not rely on imports instead.

How much fuel does a 777 plane hold?

Depends on which model of the Boeing 777 aircraft. It can vary between 39,000 US gallons and 45,220 US gallons maximum fuel. Yes, that is a LOT of fuel.

How much foreign aid does US Government give to Netherlands?

The Netherlands is a very wealthy country (17th in the world by GDP). As such it requires no foreign aid.

Foreign investment in the US is seen as a sign of in the US economy?

Foreign investment in the US is seen as a sign of in the US economy?

What did the us rely after slave labor?


How much does 1 US gal of diesel fuel weigh in US lbs?

One gallon of diesel fuel is calculated by truck drivers to weigh 8 pounds.

How much does a 1999 Honda Accord fuel tank hold?

The fuel capacity is 17.1 US gallons or about 64.7 liters.

What US city is named after a foreign country a foreign city and a US president?


How much fuel does 2001 Oldsmobile aurora hold?

18.5 US Gallons

Who is in charge of all the foreign affairs?

The President of the United States establishes US Foreign Policy and manages US foreign affairs through the US Department of State.

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