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Q: How much does the ab circle pro cost?
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What is the ab circle pro?

The ab circle pro is a device which is designed to rapidly exercise the abdominal region. You can learn more at

Do you need batteries for ab circle pro?


How do you reset the ab circle pro?

Take out the batteries

When is the ab circle pro coming out in stores?

Hello, actually the 2nd version of the AB Circle Pro is now available in stores (ie Walmart, Target). I contacted AB Circle Pro and the newly designed AB Circle looks more promising (instead of being totally made of plastic and rolling on a plastic dish, it has a metal tubular ring around the outside of the dish that you roll on) ... Have the new one (free replacement from AB Circle Pro, as the original one was cracking on the dish). Cheers, Happy Client

Does ab circle pro work?

Yes Ab circle pro does work if you follow all the steps and workout on timely manner you can find all the information about it's review and workout information at

Can you get the ab circle pro in Australia?

Yes, you can get it online and they will deliver it to Australia.

Who is that woman walking on the beach in the ab circle pro commercial?

dance lozer!

How can kids lose weight in 2 weeks?

They can exercise on the Ab Circle Pro.

What are some quality ab machines?

The best ab machine out there currently is the Ab Circle Pro Machine. You can get this at your local Wal-Mart, and the prices will vary.

Does the ab circle pro really work or are they just scamming you?

Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't

Does the Abe circle pro work?

Many people have reported that it works for them. The Ab Circle Pro works your abdominal muscles directly and only a few minutes a day is needed to use the machine.

How can I get a six pack with ab machines I want to look good.?

There are 3 very effective ab machines to achieve that great six-pack look. The first is the Ab Circle Pro, the second is the Ab Scissor, and the third is the Ab Doer.