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How much does the electron microscope magnify images?

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some websites say 1 million, others say 2 million. . .

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How much can a electron microscope magnify up to?

An Electron Microscope can magnify objects up to 1000 times

How much does an electron microscope magnify?

Up to 2,000,000x

What major advantage does a transmission electron microscope have over a compound light microscope?

The transmission electron microscope's major advantage over the compound light microscope is its ability to magnify images to a much greater degree.

How much does a scanning electron microscope magnify up to?

An electron microscope can magnify up to more than 1015 times. It is always in black and white but INSANELY detailed. It is black and white because electrons are negative(ELECTRON microscope).

A microscope that can magnify up to 500 000 times is the?

A electron microscope uses a beam of electrons instead of light to magnify objects up to 500,000 times actual size. A electron microscope has much higher resolving power than light microscopes.

When would you use an electron microscope?

when you need to magnify much smaller objects then optical microscopes

When would there be a need for using an electron microscope?

when you need to magnify much smaller objects then optical microscopes

How much the first microscope magnify?

The first microscope could magnify Less Than 20X

Why are electron microscopes capable of revealing details much smaller that those seem through light microscope?

Because the method of magnification is different. Light microscopes use curved glass to magnify images but Electron microscopes bounce electrons off of something and then generate an image on a computer screen. The disadvantage of electrons is you can not magnify living things because they must be coated in metal for the microscope to work.

How much can a microscope magnify?

it depends on wat microscope you have. some can magnify up to 2 billion times while others can only magnify up to 2000.

How much can a modern microscope magnify?


How much can a light microscope magnify an object?


How much can a microscope magnify a cell?

they magnified there size

How much can a light microscope magnify?

1500 times

How much can the modern microscope magnify?

Up to 2,000,000

What is the difference between a electron microscope and a light microscope?

Electron microscopes shoot electrons at an object to illumiate it, whereas light microscopes illuminate the object using rays of light. This allows the electron microscope to magnify the object far greater than the light, because light has a much larger wavelength that electrons.

How much did Robert Hooke's microscope magnify?

it can magnify an object up to 30 times it can magnify an object's appearance by 30 times

What is the difference between a compound microscope and an electron microscope?

Compound microscopes (also called compound light microscopes) employ light and an array of glass lenses to magnify an object. (This is distinguished from a simple microscope of one lens.) An electron microscope uses a beam of electrons to magnify an object. The lensing system employs electric and magnetic fields and is specialized for applications requiring much higher magnification. See related links.

How much can a compound microscope magnify up to?

1000 times

How much did the first microscope magnify by?

Between 3X and 9X

Why electron microscope is called as electron microscope?

The resolution of electron microscope is much higher than that of light microscope, allowed detailed ultra-structural examination. That's why electron microscope is called so.

What is the function of an optical microscope?

It is a type of microscope which uses visible light and a system of lenses to magnify images of small samples. In other words, its function is to make small objects appear much larger so we can study them in detail.

What is the difference between an electron microscope and a light microscope?

A light microscope is a simple microscope that magnifies light that it collects and spread onto a screen digitally or optically. Electron microscopes is a microscope that fire electrons onto a object then it is bounced back to form an image. It enlarges the image when it is bounced back. It is fired consistently to receive a constant image. It is viewed with a electronic screen. When the electron is fired it creates light which bounces back as well. It can magnify much bigger than a optical microscope.

How much bigger does a cell look through a microscope?

Depends how much you magnify it! Check the lens!

What can be seen under a electron microscope and not a light microscope?

An electron microscope has a much higher magnifying power and resolution than a regular light microscope. One can visualize molecules and even atoms using an electron microscope. This is not possible with a light microscope