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For an 8GB iPhone 3G it is € 499,00 and for a 16GB iPhone 3G it is € 569,00. Both prices are 2-year contract prices through Vodafone.

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The IPhone 3G cost . 8G - $99* or 580.00 + tax . 16G - $142*

ok... in America, the iPhone will cost you $199-$299 in India the iPhone will cost around $800 in Australia which will be alot less will cost you only &250=]

iPhone 3G (with 2 yrs contract) 8G $49 (I guess) 16G $97

The IPhone 3G cost 8G - $99* or 580.00 + tax 16G - $142* (you cant buy a device for this model) The IPhone 3G S cost 16G- 199* or 699 + tax 32G- 299* or 881.81 (with the taxes) * 3 year plan where you have to pay minimum $60 a month.

Black 8G $200 White 16G $300

It can hold about 3,000 - 4,000 songs in 128 Kbps AAC format.

It depends whether you want a new or refurbished one. A refurbished iPhone 3G (16G) is only around $50 not including service.

There is no iPad in an 8g. The lowest is 16g which with wifi ONLY is $399

Cricket now offers iPhones. You can get a white or black 16g iphone 4s for $499, or get a white or black 8g iPhone 4 for $399.

You iPhone can have a different amount of memory/gigabytes. It comes in 4 amounts. 8G, 16G, 32G, and 64G. Either one of those is the memory you should have. You can tell how many Gigs your iPhone is by looking on the back of the phone.

8GB = $199 16GB = $299 And the 16GB version comes in white! =D

There is no real difference between the iPhone with 32GB versus the iPhone with 16GB. The only difference between these two models in fact, is the amount of memory they each have.

the ipod touch (2gen.) 16g can hold 20hours

16g Ipod Touchs cost about 300 dollars if you went to a store but, if you buy online be prepared to spen 50 ar 60 dollars more. If you want an engraving, you will spend another 50 dollars so they are pretty expensive. I hope this helped!

it has up to 8G or up to 16G and 32G

im hoping it will because i want one really bad but my mom wont let me until the price goes downl

Well 1g=1000 mg so 16g=16000 mg

16g as 16g means 16,000mg

In the States, the prices are $499.99 for 16G memory, $599,99 for 32G memory and $699.99 for 64G model. In Canada, the prices are $499.95 for 16G memory, $599,95 for 32G memory and $699.95 for 64G model.

My guess would be somewhere around 16GB ...

It depends on gender and the eyebrow. Female 18g or 16g . Male 16g or 14g

What comes in the box: - iPhone - Stereo Headset - Dock - Dock Connector to USB Cable - USB Power Adapter - Documentation - Cleaning/polishing cloth You'll probably need to buy: - iPhone cover [to protect it from scratches and such] - Another Stereo Headset [different style, better sound quality, etc]

Actually a genuine 16g turbo (not those cheap Ebay knock off turbos) can run a lot more boost than 19psi. Hell a 16g is just starting to hit its efficiency range around that 20 psi range. I've seen plenty of car run over 30 psi on a 16g! Trust me run 18 psi on one and the turbo's kick is so-so.... crank it up to 25 and that turbo will kick like a horse!!

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