How much energy does a athlete need?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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I usually run my 200 meters at a full sprint.

I disagree, the human body can accelerate to maximum speed over about 60 meters, after that, it is inevitable that you start decelerating. The more the brain tries to tell your body to go faster, you are pushing into a red line condition. You could hit a point of riggor mortis. So there is an element of pace and relaxation involved. You need to learn your body's capabilities. The great sprint coach Bud Winter used to teach his students to relax to let the speed come out.

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A lot! in my mind its like keeping a 100 pace for a 400. It is a long way to full sprint. Not many people can do good at a 200M

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It depends on what kind of sport like soccer Basketball football tennis requires alot of energy because if the amost if running

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Q: How much energy does a athlete need?
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Why athlete need more energy than average adults . what an adults does?

because athlete has to burn calories

What is the need for sport drink?

I helps boost your energy with the electrolights in them. If you were an athlete you drink it to have more energy for longer

What percentage of each food group does an athlete need?

An athlete has the same nutritional needs as everyone else but uses more protein (for strength) and carbohydrates (for energy).

Would you find more mitochondria in the muscle cell or the liver cell of an athlete?

Muscle cells because mitochondria is a cells energy source and in order for an athlete to play their sport or do their activities, they need a lot of energy.

How much energy would an athlete use on a basic training day?

2 to 4 thousand calories

How much protein does the average athlete need per pound of weight?

2 grams

How many KJ does an Italian athlete need per day?

23000 due to the high energy they use in competitions and training

How much energy you need to lost 1 calorie?

A calorie is a measure of energy. It doesn't make sense to ask how much energy you need to lose energy.

How much energy does a baby need?

Baby's need a lot of energy (90%)

Why are carbohydrates good for an athlete?

it gives them lots of energy

A trained athlete differs from a couch potato in that an athlete has?

An athlete is much fitter than a couch potato and much more thinner and faster.

How does the energy requirement of an athlete compare to a non-athlete?

In general, sedentary females from 19 to 31 age group consume 2,000 calories per day whereas males need about 2,400 but from 31 to 50 age group sedentary females require 1,800 calories daily and males need 2,200. the enegry of sedentary people is not utilized in work as they don't work hard so their energy is only utilize to sustain their internal body activities. Contrary to them, the ''athletes need'' more ''energy, ''vitamins, minerals and proteins during workouts. More protein is needed to rebuild the muscles ''between'' workouts. Therefore, ''athletes need'' more carbohydrate, fat and protein than ''sedentary'' persons, Mathematically, may be, 4 or 5 times more energy is needed to A athlete as compared to sedentary person.