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How much for a 1932 Howard by Baldwin baby grand piano?

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2012-06-03 17:03:35

just bought one at an auction for$200. It is in excellent


In answer to the person who just bought one in excellent

condition at auction for $200.00

A find like that is rare indeed. It says several things about

this purchase:

The seller had no idea as to the true value of the

item...otherwise bidding would have started at a much higher value;

or, your idea of "excellent condition" is light years away from

mine; or the others at the auction were totally ignorant of the

true value of the item in question; or, you're making the whole

thing up.

The true value of a piano if that caliber is ultimately up to

the purchaser, of course, but to get things on the right track to

begin with, it is well worth several thousand dollars, to


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