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How much foreign aid does the US Government give away?


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August 20, 2012 9:58PM

$25 billion per Year

The OECD calculated that (in 2008) the US spent about $25 billion in foreign aid per year, although this is a very small percentage of the 2009 estimated federal government income of $2.7 trillion.

Other info on foreign aid

  • Germany spent the second-largest amount (approximately $13 billion).
  • Most OECD countries pledged to spend 0.7% of its GNI on foreign aid, but most countries (including the US) fall far short of that figure.
  • In 2008 the US spent a little under 0.2% of its GNI on foreign aid, the lowest figure out of the OECD countries. The most generous countries (and the only ones who contributed more than the required 0.7%) were Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.
  • OECD member countries also often inflate their (already low) contribution numbers by including emergency aid in their foreign-aid donations. For example, the US might give millions of dollars of food, water and medical aid to countries in the Pacific Islands hit by tsunamis, and then use that as an excuse to renege on its original, still un-met, obligations to give aid for road construction and so forth.

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* The above amount is direct aid and doesn't reflect money contributed through international mediums such as IMF and World Bank. As of 2012 the US accounts for 17% of all IMF funds and 60% of all World Bank funds.