How much fuel does it take to fuel the aircraft?

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It depends on the type of aircraft

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Q: How much fuel does it take to fuel the aircraft?
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How many hours one aircraft can fly nonstop?

it depends what aircraft it is and how much fuel it can hold

How much fuel does a fighter aircraft use?

You would have to specify a particular aircraft, "fighter aircraft" is too broad a definition.

What is ramp fuel?

The total fuel on board of the aircraft is known as ramp fuel. Ramp fuel= taxi fuel+take-off-fuel

How much c02 does one tank of aeroplane fuel use?

CO2 is not used in or as an aircraft fuel.

What is operating weight of an aircraft?

dry operating weight + take off fuel

What is the difference between the range and the endurance of an aircraft?

Range - Max distance an aircraft can fly between take off and landing for the given amount of fuel . Endurance - Maximum time an aircraft can cruise for the given amount of fuel

How much is an auxillary fuel tank worth from an aircraft?

Depends on the aircraft, capacity, and form... They range anywhere from $1,000 to $15,000 if new.

Can you refuel the aircraft with fuel removed from another aircraft?

Not a good idea, as the fuel is considered contaminated. The fuel is usually recycled.

How much fuel does a antonov an 225 HOLD?

The maximum fuel capacity is 300 tonnes (about 410,000 litres), but it would rarely fly with full tanks since the fuel alone weighs about half of the maximum take-off weight of the aircraft.

How much does it cost to launch aircraft?

The cost depends on the type of aircraft and the location of the launch. If it's your plane on your field, the cost is only fuel.

How much does aviation fuel cost for civilian aircraft?

35,000 tons of fuel would get you to Paris from London and would cost £4500

What If an aircraft is loaded 90 pounds over maximum certificated gross weight and fuel (gasoline) is drained to bring the aircraft weight within limits how much fuel should be drained?

15 gallons

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