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How much fuel is in a C-17 Aircraft?


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35,546 US gallons capacity. (134,556 Liters)

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It depends on the type of aircraft

They're made in Boeing's plant in Long Beach, California.

Yes, the Boeing C17 is much bigger and heavier than the 747.

You would have to specify a particular aircraft, "fighter aircraft" is too broad a definition.

it depends what aircraft it is and how much fuel it can hold

CO2 is not used in or as an aircraft fuel.

Not enough information. Are you referring to a Cessna, a B-747, a fighter plane, an An-224?American Military Aircraft C-17 Globemaster and the answer is 30,000lbs.All depending on the payload -- source load master for 25 years.

Ours are roughly in the 200-225mil mark..

Depends on the aircraft, capacity, and form... They range anywhere from $1,000 to $15,000 if new.

Not a good idea, as the fuel is considered contaminated. The fuel is usually recycled.

The cost depends on the type of aircraft and the location of the launch. If it's your plane on your field, the cost is only fuel.

This question is impossible to answer exactly. It depends on the type of aircraft and how much fuel the aircraft uses per mile, how efficiently it burns the fuel, and how much carbon dioxide that specific fuel releases at that level of efficiency. An estimate carried out for a Boeing 747 shows a CO2 production of 30 kg per kilometre, equivalent to 48 kg per mile.

35,000 tons of fuel would get you to Paris from London and would cost £4500

Aircraft fuel discharge a huge amount of energy in combustion rather than ordinary fuel such as petrol and diesel.

The 747-800 aircraft can carry up to 63,034 US gallons or 238,610 L of fuel.

The fuel consumption of airbus A319 aircraft is 0.07 KM per liter.

It depends entirely on the type of aircraft and how it is flown.

Depends on the size and type of Aircraft. Link provided below llist fuel consumption for various Aircraft.

It depends entirely on the aircraft, type of fuel, how much fuel and where you are in the world. For instance, to fill a Cessna 172 in Canada or US would cost about as much as filling an average minivan, - a 747 would be a bit more - -

They are added fuel tanks so the aircraft can carry more than the normal amount of fuel ; for example, for longer range, or greater endurance.

Both Aircraft are Cargo 'planes. The C17 is a Globemaster III still in use in a number of Military forces around the globe. The only reference I could find for a C117 is a modification of the C47 to enable a higher operating altitude. The C117 does not appear to still be in service

it depends on the aircraft. this question is very vague, but the F-16 for instance can hold a few thousand pounds of fuel.

747-400 passenger aircraft with stabilizer fuel. 173,072 kg. 747-400 freighter aircraft without stabilizer fuel. 163,042 kg.

The total fuel on board of the aircraft is known as ramp fuel. Ramp fuel= taxi fuel+take-off-fuel

When they put fuel in an airplane

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