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How much fur does a rabbit shed?

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my rabbit as lost its fur from its legs

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Do cougars shed their fur?

No, they do not.

Do beagles shed fur?

No beagles do not shed fur. They roll over and fur gets pulled off but they don't shed.

Do the emperor penguins shed their fur?

Okay well the last answer was completely rubbish. Emperor penguins DO shed their fur, they shed their baby fur, the grey fur they have when they are young penguins. As they grow older they shed that fur.

Why do rabbits shed?

Rabbits shed (or "moult") just like every animal does, they do it so that for many reasons:When it is summer, a rabbit will shed its thick winter fur for lighter, thinner fur, which will help keep the rabbit nice and cool.Females will moult a little in order to make a nest for their babies, or sometimes, when they are puesdo pregnant (Fake pregnant).Rabbits sometimes moult when their fur is in a rather bad condition.

Do beagles shed much?

Yes of course beagles shed much! They shed a lot and way too much! Beagles shed so much if you don't even touch them you get their fur all over you!

Why does your cat shed so much?

A cat needs to shed their fur year round, they shed most during spring and early summer, getting rid of all their winter fur. Short-haired cats usually shed fur less than long furred cats. If you want your cat to not shed as much, try brushing out their fur regularly, and possibly give it a bath every now and then.

Do rabbits shed fur before winter?

i have the same question. my rabbit is shedding really bad. i thought they were only supposed to shed that badly when the weather's getting hot.

Do English Mastiffs shed their fur?

English mastiffs do not have fur they have hair and yes very much

Do corgis shed fur?

Generally not too much

Which fur is softer a horses or a donkey fur?

A horse has much softer hair than a donkey with the exception of when donkeys are babies. When they are born they have very soft fur like a rabbit which changes into a wiry type hair more like what a zebra has after they shed out the first time.

Do lab dogs shed to much?

All dogs shed. However, labs have short fur vs. like a collie which has long hair like fur. Therefore it is less noticeable when they shed.

Do raccoons shed their fur?

Yes, they shed their fur once the weather warms.

How much is too much for a dog to shed?

its only to much for a dog to shed only if it is losing all its fur then contact or drive to the vet immediately

What is a homophone for shed?

shed can be for the workshop or a dog can shed fur

Do yorkies have hair or fur?

They have hair, because they don't shed, and animals with fur, do shed!

Does fur or hair shed on dogs?

yes every dog shed hair or fur

Do Labrador retrievers shed fur?

Yes, all Labrador Retrievers shed their fur.

Do shelties shed?

Yes, of course they shed. They don't shed as much as their long fur might indicate, but yes, they do shed their coats like most other breeds.

Does the polar bear shed?

No, They can not shed their fur.

Does a bloodhound dog shed much?

They shed normally, which is more during the summer, because dogs have all that fur.

Are rabbit fur and cat fur the same?

No, rabbit fur comes from rabbits, but cat fur comes from cats.

How much fur does an American-bulldog have?

American bulldogs have short, coarse fur. They shouldn't shed as much as long-haired dogs because their fur is short.

DO samoyeds have fur or hair?

Fur. They shed.

What is rabbit fur called?

Rabbit fur can also be termed "cony"

Do hamsters shed?

No, hamsters do not shed. They have fur. Only reptiles shed.