Having strong legs and a keen sense of smell, Beagles are excellent dogs when it comes to hunting. However, like other hounds, Beagles can be stubborn in obedience training. In this category, there are questions about this breed’s temperament, appearance, average life span, etc.

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Do beagle dogs and boxers get along?

Depends on the dogs' personality, past events, and even age differences.


How big do beagles grow?

a range from 10-16 inches

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What are beagles favorite food?

It depends on the dog. Dogs like different food.

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A small hunting dog used in hunting hares?

Typically greyhounds and lurchers (greyhound crossbreeds) are used for hare coursing due to their sprinting abilities. A smaller dog such as a whippet might also be used.


What size crate do beagles require?

it doesnt matter long as they can have room and fit in there and move around


How much did the heaviest beagle weigh?

mine weighs 60 pounds >.<


Do beagles have back dew claws?

Beagles are not known for having hind dew claws, but some may be born with extra ones. Usually these will be removed if the dog is to be shown.


How much should 8 month beagle weigh?

the weight of an 8 month old beagle should be close to 35 pounds or 15.875733 kilograms


Are Harrier Hounds large Beagles?

No, they are a totally different breed.

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What industrial powers emerged in the late 1800s?


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Do beagles act like cats?

Usually not but if they are introduced at an early age the dog might pick up on the cat's behavior.

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Does a beagle mix bark?

Beagles are known for howling and most other dogs do bark but it all depends on the dogs personality, what the beagle is mixed with, and if it has had any training to not bark/howl. P.S. i had a beagle and he almost never howled

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How tall do beagle lab mixes get?

Gender: Depending on the gender of the dog, The average female Labrador should stand at 21.5-23.5 inches tall. And a male Labrador should stand at 22.5-24.5 inches. There are two varieties of beagles. The smaller variety should stand as much as 13 inches. While the other type can stand anywhere from 13-16 inches tall, Iregarding genders.

Estimate: a good estimation of 18.5-20.5 inches should be the appropriate hieght of a Beagle Lab mix.

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Why would a basset hound limp?

Because of an injury or arthritis. If the limping continues, see your vet.


Do beagle make good hunting dog?

Beagles are a great dog ! This type of breed makes a great pet, they are scent hounds (hounds which hunt mostly by scent). The world is just one big smorgasbord of smells! Thus they can find prey and easily approach it from something they smelt far away. Not all necessarily hunt, depends how broken in they are, and how close they are to you but training them do to so works, its just a world with a million smells for them to discover !

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Heart Disease

10 year old Beagle who is under the care of a vet He has congestive heart failure He is on Antibiotics water pills thyroid pills and enalperal stopped eating six days ago drinks water why wont he eat?

I am very sorry to hear about your beloved pet and I know it's not easy to see them ill. I've had to go through this several times myself with many of my past pets. Congestive heart failure is biding for time with your pet. The vet is doing everything he/she can. It's time you went and saw your vet and simply told him/her that when they think your pet is no longer enjoying life and their health problems are causing them stress to let you know when to put your pet to sleep. I know this is heart breaking, but the pet owner must have empathy as to how much their pet is suffering. Dogs are much like people and when they have Congestive heart failure their appetite can go down a great deal and also it could be the signs of your pet's heart simply giving out. When the heart is this bad it affects other organs and it's simply a matter of time. Generally the heart is surrounded by fluid and the dog may go into pneumonia. I had a Cairn Terrier (the love of my life) and she had Cushing's Disease (cancer.) I had the lump removed, but she was never quite the same after that. Our vet suggested cancer treatment, but I read enough about it that I decided not to go down this road (not because of money issues) but the quality of our beloved pet's few good years left. We discussed this with our vet and my husband and I slowed down our pace of life and spent quality of time with our Daisy. We had wonderful times together and every couple of weeks I'd take her in mainly to be sure she was not in pain. She never was and she became very ill 10 months later (on a long weekend of course) and we had to rush her off to ER. We stayed with her for hours and it was evident that she wouldn't be with us much longer and we were there when she was put to sleep. We were heart-broken, but thankful she didn't have to suffer any longer. Please talk candidly to your vet and go from there.

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What are signs that you are pregnant?

A missed period, morning sickness (nausea), along with rising HCG levels (which is what will make for a positive pregnancy test).

Sometimes there are so many symptoms like morning sickness, very powerful scents, missed periods. Other times you wont even kno you're pregnant. What I recommend is that if you have a reason to believe you are go to a free clinic just to be certain. you don't want to wait too long.

No period, morning sickness, belly slowly growing.

. Feeling sick and in some cases, actually throwing up ('morning sickness'). Headaches. Dizziness. Missed period. Hard abdomen (although not always until about 4 months). Fainting. Breast tenderness/soreness/swelling. Increased need to pee. Swollen feet/ankles. Exhaustion/extreme tiredness. Cry/get upset easily. Mood swings. Food aversions/hating certain smells. Food cravingsNot all of these things have to be present

Your symptoms of pregnancy will usually appear anywhere from the first week of your expected period to 1-2 weeks after your first week of expected period. Your first signs of pregnancy most commonly include missed period, tender/swollen breasts, change in color of the breasts, fatigue, nausea/vomiting, increased sense of smell, and weight gain.

* Changes in breasts (color, swollen, tender)* missed period* fatigue* ill to stomach* back aches

The biggest sign is always a missed period, but you will also notice that you are tired most of the time, your breasts are swollen and tender, and your areolas may darken. You may experience nausea and/or morning sickness. Mornign sickness can happen any time of the day. You may experience backaches, or headaches. You'll have to go the bathroom more, and with what seems less notice. You could have food cravings.

Some signs of pregnancy are:

- Darkening of the areolas (pigment of skin around the nipple). However this can also occur one week before your period is due.

- Morning sickness (which can occur throughout the day).

- Missed period (This is known as the most common sign, but stress and other illnesses or health issues can cause this).

- Mood swings (From good to bad at the drop of a hat) - More emotional.

- Tender breasts for long periods of time.

- Secretion of substances from breasts and breasts are enlarged.

- widening of the pelvis, and hips begin to expand.

- Cramps.

- Indigestion.

- Increased urination.

- Increased food cravings (Loving the look of that chocolate cake in the fridge, day after day).

- Sense of smell is accelerated (Too bad if you dislike the smell of your neighbours dirty washing).

- Sometimes feel movements in the lower abdomen.

- Stomach bloating.

- Headaches.

Good luck. :)

There are a lot, but keep in mind that not everyone gets the same symptoms.Headaches,backaches,nausea and or vomitting (morning sickness),urinating a lot,sore breasts,sore nipples,swollen breasts,and fatiguethose are just some of the many that I can think of.
Tired, cravings, nausia, bloated, some women loose rapid weight at first and then gain it, pressure in lower stomach when lifting semi heavy things, missed period, mood swings. Tired, cravings, nausia, bloated, some women loose rapid weight at first and then gain it, pressure in lower stomach when lifting semi heavy things, missed period, mood swings.

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Which state has the beagle as their state dog?

As far as I can find, No U.S.A. state has the beagle as its state dog. Pennsylvania almost chose the beagle, but opted for the Great Dane instead.

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Any activity ideas for an environmental club?

How about a used book sale? Have a contest to see which class collects the most books!


What is the weight of a grown beagle?

from 8-14 kgs is a good weight

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Would a Ferret get along with a Beagle?

Beagles have a high hunting instinct so they might see a ferret as prey or a target.

Especially if you use your beagle for finding small animals. I had a hamster and a beagle and whenever i put my hamster in its ball my beagle would smell her and back away like he was afraid of my hamster. So they could be aggressive towards small animals, get along with them, or even be afraid. Depends on the dogs personality.

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Do beagle terriers shed?

Beagles are not terriers, but yes they shed.


What are the pros and cons of a beagle?


Fairly bright







Sometimes stubborn.

Bark and bay a lot

Some individuals slobber a lot

Become overweight easily

Become aggressive if treated too harshly

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Which breed of dog is the cutest?

Contributors have said that they think the cutest breed of dog is:

Border Collie



German Shepherd

Jack Russell Terrier

Shiba Inu

Yorkshire Terrier

Siberian Husky

Labrador Retriever

Golden Retriever

Great Dane

Silky Terrier and Dachshund

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

A matter of personal opinion:

Chihuahua, Maltese, Shiz Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier, or a Pomeranian

Maltese and Pomeranian are the best.


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