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How much garbage do humans generate?


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More than they need to. The figure changes depending on your actions. If you define food waste as garbage, then A.youre not composting it and B. youre wasting food. If you buy everything in a load of plastic bags then throw them away, youre generating excess waste. Im sorry, I want to give a figure like 12 trillion tons, but the figure is alterable depending on how much we care. Its a bit like asking you how much you swear, you can control it.

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700 tons of trash. That is equivalent to 1400000 pounds!

Garbage can be used to generate electricity in two ways.Organic garbage can be contained, fermented, and used to generate methane, which can be burnt to generate electricity.Non-organic garbage can be burned as biomass and the heat used to generate electricity.

Not directly, but garbage can be processed to generate a combustible gas, which then can be used to run a car.

at least 200000 pieces a day

There is so many humans in this , well it is more than that

Garbage energy is energy obtained from recycling various sorts of garbage. One example is burning sorted garbage, then using steam-driven turbines to generate energy.

Garbage pollution affect humans because it has the smell of dead people on the ground

No, biomass is vegetation and garbage which can be burnt to generate electricity.

4.5 to 6 pounds per person per day.

No garbage is not geothermal. Geothermal means heat from under the ground like the power under volcanoes. Garbage can be used as biomass, which is a renewable form of energy. The garbage can be burnt (or organic garbage can be fermented to generate methane, which can be burnt) to produce electricity.

Burn garbage to generate power for production plant.

Natural resources that humans use to generate energy are called energy resources.

Kindly see the answer to the question " How much garbage do humans make a year?" to find answer for your question.

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Humans typically generate lots of waste products from the food they eat.

Amount of Garbage That Humans Make AnnuallyEnough to cover Texas twice. This also fills enough trucks to form a line to the moon. Each American makes about 4 pounds of garbage daily. If the rest of the world were as wasteful as Americans... there would be about 10 MILLION tons daily... 4 TRILLION tons yearly!

Americans generate 251.3 million tons of garbage per year.

one disadvantage is that if we have to much garbage it will destroy the earth

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we can stop it by not wasting so much of garbage

Garbage created by humans, industrial chemicals . There are more .

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