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There has been over 67.3 ouces a day from the miners is Australia

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Q: How much gold did the gold miners find a day?
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How was the shovel used in the gold rush?

One of the main methods to look for gold was in the rivers for gold nuggets. The miners had a sluce box and rocker to find the gold. The sluce box was a wooden box with an box on top to shovel in dirt and to poor water over the dirt. The dirt/water would run down a tracer that emptied into the river. In the tracer the gold nuggets would fall to the bottom instead of washing out. The rocker had a similar idea but it rocked back and forth to separate the dirt with water. Again shovel fulls of dirt were put into the rocker to separate dirt from gold. The miners doing this would stand in dirt and water all day long with shovels of dirt and water for the few nuggets they could get.

Where did most settlers travel to find gold back in the day?


What did people need to mine gold in the 1850s?

That depends on the location. The gold miners in California in 1849-1855 were able to "pan" gold dust from the rivers, or use "placer" mining techniques to wash dirt from the hillsides and into "rockers" that would separate gold dust from lighter dirt in the water. Later miners used picks and shovels and actually dug through "hard rock" to get to the gold veins. In fact, even now (2015) there are still "gold panners" trying to sort gold dust out of the river mud on many California rivers. Some families go "gold mining" on weekends, sometimes bringing home $200 worth of gold dust in a day's work.

Describe the problems faced by miners?

Gold miners faced disses each day when working out in the open.

Did the Mormons dig up gold in California?

Some members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) were involved in the California Gold Rush and did find gold.

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How much gold do miners find in one day?

Gold miners never found a set amount a day. The amounts changed based on location, weather, and how much had been mined prior.

What problems did gold miners face?

Gold miners faced disses each day when working out in the open.

How did miners entertain themselves during the gold rush?

Miners of the Gold Rush entertained themselves by singing and dancing around a camp fire after their long day at work.

When did gold miners go gold mining?

From the earliest days of civilization to the present day. Gold has always been a desirable commodity.

Did the gold miners hide gold?

Hypothesis: placer gold miners hid gold outside of mining camps. Some miners found enough placer gold that it would have been cumbersome to carry it around while working and their gold fever would have made them very uncomfortable leaving gold in their tents or cabins. I believe some gold miners would have dug holes near rocks or easy to remember trees high above mining camps such as Rich Bar or Nelson Creek in California. This was their bank. Some of these men died and never recovered their gold. It sits in the ground this day.

Why does the price of gold change so much day to day?

it changes cause by the rate people buy and and find the gold but if people dont buy the gold that much the price drops and wen the price rises wen gold if found :D :P

Who were the miners rushed to California?

They came from everywhere and got there anyway they could. Over 10,000 a day came to CA to seek gold.

What did olden day miners wear for protection?

well the easiest way to find out is to search it on utube

Were kids gold miners too?

Yes, during the gold rush children participated in gold mining. In fact, as of 2014 there are over 1 million children gold mining in Africa for less than 2 dollars a day.

What did gold miners do on Sundays?

On Sunday, miners usually did not work because Sunday is the sventh day, the day of rest. They usually mended clothes and worked on washing their clothes. They also helped the women with chores and went to religious services held b traveleing preachers.

How much did a miners license cost in 1850?

how much did miners get paid in the 1800's? Miners in those days got paid by the ton. I was told by my great grandfather that when started mining in the 20's that he started out at 5 cents a ton for the first year he worked. You also have to remember that there was no machinery in those days so all the coal had to mined and loaded by hand.

Who had more success in the gold rush than the miners?

People who sold stuff to the miners. People like you and me. For more information, you can visit your local libary. They have lots of books that are really helpful. I spend all day in the library. I am sad. ;(