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Keep in mind that burger patties in restaurants come in four typical sizes, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, & 3/4 pound patties. The average person can be expected to eat the 1/2 pound patty at a typical barbecue. Multiply 40 by 1/2 and you get 20 pounds. Keep in mind, the leaner the meat, the less the shrinkage, but greater leanness means less fat, and less taste (unless you add some). Give me an Angus bacon and cheese with no onions, pickles, tomatoes, Just leave lettuce, bacon, patty, and buns.

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What animal do ground beef come from?

Beef comes from cows. Ground beef is beef put through a meat grinder. Ground beef can be used to make hamburgers or meatballs or other dishes.

What is unique about Wendy's hamburgers?

Wendy's is known for its square ground beef hamburgers and the Frosty, a very thick milkshake.

How many quarter-pound hamburgers can be made from 100 pounds of ground beef?


Do you know any ground beef recipes?

I do know a recipe for Hamburgers using ground beef, it's mostly about mixing in the right spices. My mother and my self also often make lazangia with ground beef in the our sicilian family sauce.

What are Hamburgers made of?


Is hamburgers pork?


What can you do with ground beef and onion leftovers?

1) Hamburgers 2) Put it into a spaghetti-dish 3) Put it into a casserole

Where do hamburgers come from?

Hamburgers are ground beef patties. The name is taken from the city of Hamburg in Germany, which was not the only place where such patties were prepared. The practice of serving a hamburger on a round bun dates from the 1890s, but there are competing claims as to who first sold them at retail. Many of the modern incarnations of the ground-beef hamburger were created in the US during the mid-20th century, include the concept of fast-food hamburgers.

What are beef intestines called?


What is another name for hamburgers?

Another name for hamburgers would be beef patties or burgers.

What are regular hamburgers made of?

Regular hamburgers are made out of a beef patty and onions and cheese.

What foods do you get from beef cows?

Hamburgers, sausages,

What are the ingredients in white castle hamburgers?


Were there burgers fifty years ago?

Hamburgers, fried ground beef patties served on a bun, have been around for at least 100 years.

100 pounds of ground-beef makes how many quarter pound hamburgers?

Assuming you do not add any other ingredients then the answer is 400.

How much ground beef is there in an average cow?

A dressed market beef carcass in the United States averages about 900 pounds, bone-in. The boneless portion of this is about 650 pounds. If all of this were to be ground, you could get approximately 2600 quarter-pound hamburgers from a single cow. However, most carcasses are not completely diverted to ground beef. Ground beef is generally made from the trimmings from more expensive cuts of meat (sirloin, tenderloin, ribeye, etc.). A reasonable estimate would be only 150 pounds of trim from a single carcass, which would be approximately 600 quarter-pound hamburgers from a single cow.

Which is healthier chuck beef or ground beef?

Ground beef.

How much beef or hamburgers does Ecuador produce?

1.8% of the world's beef used in burgers

How do you say ground beef ground?

ground beef ground

Why are they called hamburgers and made out of beef?

its just a name for it

What the food taken by beef cattle?

steak ,hamburgers,

What is made from beef?

Hamburgers, meatloaf, steaks, meatballs

Is it true that MacDonald's hamburgers have worms?

no they use beef

What is the most selling and grilling meat throughout summer?


How do you say ground beef in german?

ground beef = Rinderhackfleisch ground beef = Hackfleisch