Ground Beef

Ground beef, often called hamburger meat, is ground by a meat grinder. It is used in many recipes, including hamburgers and meat loaf.

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Ground Beef

Is minced beef easier to digest than a steak?

Yes or else it would have no reason to exist !

Ground Beef

Can you get sick from ground beef freezer burn?

No. Freezer burn may appear as grayish-brown leathery spots on frozen food. Although undesirable, freezer burn does not make the food unsafe, merely dry in spots. Cut it away either before or after cooking the food.

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Ground Beef

Do ground beef cause cancer?

Surprisingly it does cause several kinds of Caner

That is a terribly vague answer and doesn't provide much information. Some,,I said SOME studies have shown the certain meats and the way they are prepared MAY cause cancer but nothing definitive has been proven. Just like anything else. Eating or ingesting too much of anything can be hazardous to your health. I would eat 5 burgers a day , that's for sure!

Ground Beef

How much does a pound of hamburger meat cost?

It depends what store you buy it from as prices could be different your best chance is to go on to food stores website and compere the prices.

Ground Beef

How many quarter pound hamburgers can you make from 100 pounds of hamburger meat?

divide 4 by 100, you get 25. 25 1/4 pounders...

I assume you miss-read, but this is the correct answer.

1/4 pound burger = 1/4 of a pound of meat = 4 burgers per pound

4 per pound * 100 pounds = 400 burgers.

Ground Beef

Does hamburger meat contain protein?

Yes, all meat contains protein.

Ground Beef

How much ground beef do you need to make 40 decent-sized hamburgers for grilling?

Keep in mind that burger patties in restaurants come in four typical sizes, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, & 3/4 pound patties. The average person can be expected to eat the 1/2 pound patty at a typical barbecue. Multiply 40 by 1/2 and you get 20 pounds. Keep in mind, the leaner the meat, the less the shrinkage, but greater leanness means less fat, and less taste (unless you add some). Give me an Angus bacon and cheese with no onions, pickles, tomatoes, Just leave lettuce, bacon, patty, and buns.

Ground Beef

What is the cheapest price on ground beef in 2011?

about 400 pounds for a whole cow but mabye only 350 for a pound of beef

Ground Beef

How much does a hamburger meat cost in 2011 for 30 people?

You need about 10 pounds of meat which will cost about $35 depending on where you but it and what quality you get.

Ground Beef

Can ground beef that has been browned and frozen be thawed and put into a sauce and re-frozen?

Refreezing is only a problem if the food isn't cooked in-between. As long the the thawed food is thoroughly cooked it is no problem to refreeze. The fact that it turned brown while frozen is a bigger issue. I could be "freezer burn" which is when frozen food has dried out. This happens a lot in frost free freezers since dehydrating the air is part of why they're frost free. If you cook ground meat that has freezer burn it won't hurt you, but it might be chewy or dry. If you use it, I would suggest using it in something saucy like spaghetti sauce or chili so the dryness won't be noticable.

Another opinionAny meat that has been frozen can be roasted, fried or steamed WELL and then refrozen. Be sure you don't leave any pink juices in the ground beef. Cook well, then freeze as soon as it cools in the refrigerator. More on thisIt's not recommended, but many people have done it from time to time. There are two concerns - food safety and taste. On the food safety issue, the concern is that between freezing/thawing and refreezing, the meat will be at room temperature more than 1-2 hours, and may cause food poisoning. The second issue is taste. Food that is frozen, thawed and refrozen usually suffers in taste or texture. Ground beef is not as prone to loss of taste/texture as a steak would be, so that's not a huge concern.

Even more...

As long as the meat is defrosted in the refrigerator and kept out of the "danger zone" between 40° and 140°, you can refreeze it. There will be some loss of flavor though

Ground Beef

How many lbs of ground beef needed for 200 meatballs?

A reliable answer cannot be given because there are too many variables, such as the size of the meatballs as well as the other ingredients such as bread crumbs and eggs which extend the ground beef. Many recipes for meatballs call for a second type of meat such as ground pork or ground veal combined with the ground beef.

Ground Beef

What can you cook with hamburger meat?

For many of the recipes to the following you can go to and look at the recipe pages or you can google recipes. I'm sure I'm missing hundreds of thousands of things you can cook, but this will get you started Tacos Shepherds Pie Hamburgers Mexican Lasagne Hamburger Helper Salisbury Steak Mostaccoli Beef and Potato Burritos Burger Carrot Skillet Chili Soup Chili Enchiladas Hamburger Pie Hamburger Steak Hamburger Stroganoff Meatloaf Lasagne Beef Stroganoff Meatballs Spaghetti Sauce Taco soup

Ground Beef

How long can frozen cooked ground beef be left out?

Frozen cooked meat should be thawed under refrigeration and should not be left on the counter to thaw. Some portions of the meat will become warm faster than others and could support microbial growth. Quick thaws are OK (microwave, water bath), but should be done only if the meat is promptly re-heated and consumed.

Ground Beef

How many ounces of lean ground beef are in one cup?

1/4 cup browned and drained is 1 oz., so 1 cup cooked and drained would be 4 oz.

Ground Beef

How much protein is in 3 oz of lean ground beef?


Ground Beef

What is the machine to make ground beef?

A meat grinder is used to make ground beef.

Ground Beef

How many cups of ground beef equal one pound?

2 cups of cooked ground beef equals 1 pound.

Ground Beef

What are the ingredients in hamburger meat?

beef i think

Ground Beef

How many calories in 1 pound of 93 percent ground beef?

  • 680 calories
  • 1 lb of ground beef should yield four 1/4lb patties at 170 calories and 8 grams of fat
Cooking Times and Temperatures
Ground Beef

How long to cook fozen beef burger in oven?

there is not a flat answer to this. First i would not cook beef burger while frozen in oven. I would defrost it first. Also depends on how much of it you have - by weigh and thickness, to say how long.

Beef should be cooked until it is no longer pink in center.

Ill say its a 1/4 # burger unthawed, baked at 350 degrees . it would take about 15- 20 minutes. Id say , but dont do it by time. Do it it by how it looks . when cooked ,It should be firm, but not hard, and not pink in center. Use a cooking thermometer. Cook beef to 165 degrees at thickest part.

Ground Beef

Does hamburger meat come from cows?

Yes, it is usually cutoffs from the prime cuts and left over meat on the bone. Older cows that are not able to produce will be used for hamburger as the meat would be too tough to use for cuts.

Ground Beef

Do you wash ground beef before cooking it?

No, there's no need to wash ground beef before cooking it. Cook the meat, stirring it around occasionally until it is no longer pink. Drain the grease off before using the cooked ground beef.

Ground Beef

Can you use Over cooked ground beef in a recipe?

it depends wat recipe

Ground Beef

How many hamburger patties can you make with 5 lbs of hamburger meat?


Ground Beef

How much does 3 lbs of ground beef cost today?

To answer this question accurately, you would need to say what country and state you live in.

Also, the type of ground beef determines the cost as well. Ground beef that has a lower fat content is going to be more expensive than ground beef that has a higher fat content. Also, the cut of meat that is ground determines the price as well.


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