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How many tons of groundnut can fill a 20ft container

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Q: How much groundnut tons in 20ft container?
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How many tons of cotton yarns will fit in a 20ft shipping container?

In a 20ft container how much quantities of cotton yarn can be loaded ?

How many tons do you have in 20ft container?

About 2 tons of feathers or 300 tons of heavy metal.

How many tons of whole wheat in 20ft container?

23 ton wheat flour in one 20 ft container

How much paper tons in 20 ft container?

Sixteen Tons

How many tons of rice will fit in a 20ft shipping container?

I think alot of Bananas could fit into a big container, you should try it at home. You will need a lot of money to buy lots of bananas though. :)

How much metric tons of Shea butter in 20 feet container?


How much quantity nutmeg can load in 20 feet container?

how many tons nutmeg ABCD load in 20 feet container

How many tons of cornmeal can be packed into 40 ft container?

Of what? One full of air will weigh a lot less than one full of steel. In practice, they have safe weight limits. A metric ton of air, weighs the same as a metric ton of steel! Its still a ton! A container can carry approximately 28 metric tons, varies slightly between companies, and then depends on loading/unloading facilities.

How many tons of banana are in a container?

a ton

How many tons are there in one container van?


How many metric ton of frozen chicken in 40ft container?

Assuming you mean sucrose and a 40 (US) foot by 40 by 40 cubic container: We have: Sucrose density : 1.5879 g·cm-3 Or 1.5879 ton / m^3 1 US foot = 0.30480 m So the container is ( 40 * 0.3048m) ^3 = 1812.28 m^3 And it can contain : 1812.28 m^3 * 1.5789 ton/m^3 = 2877.717 tons

How many tons of sugar can be loaded in a 40ft container?

56,000 kilos or 56 tonnes or 61.7 US tons or 55.11 imperial tons