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A stock 96 Chevy Impala SS has 260 base horsepower. This super sport package is designed for performance oriented drivers.


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The Horsepower of the 1996 Impala SS is 260 rear wheel horsepower. its not "Rear Wheel Horsepower", because 260 Rear Wheel Horsepower would be pushing like 305 at the crank. but the Horsepower for the 96 SS is 260...

I believe all 96 Caprice came with a lt1 engine. So if it the lt1, the stock hp would be 260. Same exact engine that is in the Impala SS for 94 95 96.

I have the same enginr in my 96 f150 stock it did 295 on a dyno its an automatic!

90-96 n/a came with 222 and 198 pounds of torque, 90-96 twin turbo 298 and 276 torque

94-96 impala's dont have a stock airbag suspencion!!

pick any number ? the answers have been from 56 to 96 for a stock motor .. the answers are like talking to a used car salesman !!!

Hello, 3.0L = 140 - 150 horsepower

is a 96 impala faster than a 93 corvette

No, supercharged impalas were aftermarket upgrades only..the stock 94-96 impala came with a lt1 corvette powered had 260hp/ 334lbs of torque. one of chevys greatest creations

cool air intake, dual exhaust, turbo, superchip, engine spacers, and ther tons of other applications.

stock lt1: 93-95 275 hp to the crank 96-97 285 hp to the crank

There are no points on a 96.

about 255 to 260 horsepower stock i have a cold air and a throttle body spacer plus magnaflow exhaust and headers and i am making around 300 horse

Probably about 240 or close. Move to a 96 and it's a lot more. The Vortec started in 96 with the 350 (5.7) and 454 (7.4). I understand the Vortec 5.7 had a little more power than the non-Vortec 7.4, and the Vortec 5.7 has 250 horsepower.

No, the 94-96 Impala did NOT come from the factory with a sunroof option. However, there are many Impala's out there that had sunroofs installed by the dealership that they came from when they were new. So, it is possible to find a 94-96 Impala SS with a sunroof.

96 ss but it has to depend on what's under the hood and who i's driving it a ss i's faster

It is about 96 cm. 64 inches

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