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It depends on where you are in the world and the exact model. In Japan 4AGE was ~118HP The "AE85" had a 1.5L 3AU engine and made ~65HP.

In the US the SOHC 4AC (1.6L AE86) was 87HP and the DOHC 4AG (1.6L AE86) was ~112HP.

These might seem like very small numbers compared to modern cars, but the reason they can be so quick with such little power is because of power/weight ratio. They only weigh about 2200LBS at the most, as compared to an FD RX-7 which weighs ~2,700LBS, or something twice as powerful but slow like a Dodge Grand Caravan which weighs ~4500lbs.


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The correct horsepower for this car is 100.

The 1993 Toyota Corolla had 110 horsepower. To achieve the Corollas maximum horsepower you would need to be moving at 5,600 rpms.

not enough, it's a Toyota for heaven's sake!

A 1994 Toyota 22r 4 cylinder has 116 horsepower. Prior to this, the horsepower was between 100 and 108 for other Toyota engines.

2.2l engine produced 133hp according to the maker Toyota

The horsepower will depend on your engine size. A 1.6 L engine will have less horsepower than a 1.8L engine. I am sure you can find that info in the owner's manual or contact a Toyota dealer.

how much oil 04 camry 2.4 engine

the factory release Toyota 4runner when new had 183bhp. and about 240ft/lb of torque.

240 horsepower for a 2004 tundra with a 4.7 liter engine.

A Sprint Cup car produces about 850 horsepower.

a stock 1990 Toyota celica gts has 130 horses

the B18c1 ussaly has around 200 to 205 horsepower with just the intake and nothing else..

The Toyota Yaris 2007 has 106 horsepower. It gets its horsepower from its 1.5 liter engine. The 1.5 l engine has five speeds with automatic or manual transmission.

Advertised Horsepower is--165HP @ 3800 RPMs.

250 horsepower , according to my Consumer Guide book

Ferrari 456GT -Horsepower @ RPM:442 @ 6250The source is shown in the related links.

Lamborghini Diablo's produce around 450 Horsepower through a 5.7 litre V-12 Engine.

Depends on which engine it has which you fail to list.

Many factors determine how much horsepower an engine can produce. Give us the year, make and any other details about the engine.

if its a 3.0 v6 it has 150Hp and around 160 of torque

With 150 kW engine it is exactly 201.1535 HP.

The new 2011 Corolla S has 134hp. That would be stock .

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