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How much horsepower does a stock 2001 V6 3.4L Pontiac Aztec have?


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185 horsepower , according to my Consumer Guide book

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No, General Motor's Pontiac Brand built a vehicle called the Pontiac Aztec, which was introduced in 2001.

its on the left side of the oil filter. you wont miss it!

The stock horsepower rating for the ZR2's 4.3L V6 is 190.

The 2003 Cobra SVT Mustang was supercharged and rated at 390 horsepower The 2001 Cobra SVT Mustang was NOT SUPERCHARGED and was rated at 320 horsepower

all it got was a 4 speed, specifically a 4T65-E automatic

its on a sticker on you drivers door.

350HP for the base models and 385HP for the Z06.

The stock 2001 RM80 has a liquid-cooled 82cc motor with 27.5HP.

injector going out did it on mine...good luck

The 3.0 L - V6 engine is rated at 200 horsepower in the 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT according to my Consumer Guide book

126+hp according to Am Snow magazing.

Step 1: But the appropriate Service Manual. Step 2: Read it.

SAE 5w30 any major brand + a quality oil filter.

285 stock. up to 300 hp with a ram air intake

I have a 2004 and mine is in the back of the glove box. There should be a small door in the back of it.

350s weren't in Trans Ams in 2001, but the 5.7 LS1 had 310 hp that year.

I have a 2006 cr 250r and it has around 50-54 HP stock

Stock from the factory the 3.0 V6 has 210hp

All Grand Prix GTPs 1997-2003 produce 240 horsepower and 280 ft.-lbs. of torque from the factory. Hope this helps!

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