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AnswerThe K&N filter will add no horsepower except at very high RPMs, as in a racing application. The headers and dual Flowmaster mufflers should add around 10-15 h.p. The Superchip adds some depending on which chip you buy. No way could I guess at the 0-60 time. That depends on to many variables. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Answer I am pretty sur they run stock about 140-145 and all that wit everything running fine i would say about around 180 K&n filter will add about 5hp headers 15 if lucky cause the are short lenght flows anywhere from 10-20hp and superchip idk the brand anywhere from 5 to 22hp and the 22hp range is high $$$ ones that cost 350-1000 but most likely your rs is kinda rundown not too many ppl care about v6s sorry bro......I wouldn't say the air filter adds more than a clean stock air filter. Your best upgrade for horsepower is and always has been in the heads.
2013-09-17 15:32:17
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Q: How much horsepower will a 91 camaro rs 3.1 engine have with the following upgrades KN air filter Flowmaster muffler Headers Superchip what would the new 0-60 time be?
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