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How much is 14kt gold necklace?

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A 14kt gold necklace is worth about $70-$500 at the most!!!

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How much is a 5.6 14kt gold necklace worth

I'd like to add to this question. The necklace is a men's chain necklace and it does say "14kt Italy" on the clasp. However, I scratched the clasp and the gold flaked off. The chain itself looks like gold. The clasp was quickly attracted to a magnet, however the chain was only slightly magnetic. I'm confused how this could be fake if it is stamped 14kt...

Those are the initial of the company or maker.

Probably because there is a metal spring in the clasp. It does not mean the clasp is not gold.

This tells you that the gold purity is 14 karat (58.5% of pure gold 99.9%) and that the item was manufactured in Italy

14 kt or 14 k refers to pureness of the gold or gold plating. Pure gold is 24 karat. There is nothing in your description that would help determine whether the necklace is 1 week old or 200 years old.

how much is 11.2 grams of 14kt gold

I have a bracelet marked 14kt g.s. that I found out is gold plated.

the PG stands for Plated Gold - meaning the ring is not pure 14kt gold but made of another metal overlayed with 14kt gold

As of June 21, 2014 14kt gold is worth $769.10 US Dollar per ounce. 10 grams of 14kt gold is worth $144.10.

What does 120 14kt mean on a bracelet

14KT means the piece is 14 karat gold. 14 karat gold is 58.33% gold and 41.67% alloy.

I just got 140.00 dollars for a 14 carat gold necklace which weighed 7 grams. I did some research and this was pretty standard. Gold does fluctuate from day to day so it depends on that days stock market prices.

What do zz 14kt mean? Is it 585 (14kt gold)

Sounds like you have a 14 caret white gold necklace made in Italy. Yes, it is gold and is fine jewelry not costume or play. It is real. When you see 14K on something that means it is good and not junk.

How much gold is put on a silver neck less

That depends on the design (was it made by a famous jewelry designer?), weight (how much gold is there), and condition of the necklace.

585 MEANS 58.5 % gold also known as 14kt. but does not say it still could be a fake . if you got it from a reputable jeweler you should be okay.

In 14KT gold there is about 58-59% of gold. The other additives or alloys are silver, copper, zinc and cobalt.

1 gram of 14Kt. gold is worth $29.00 today. 05/12/12

At today's price of gold, 56 grams of 14kt is worth $1,692.88

100g = 3.527 ounces 14kt gold is 52.5% gold Gold price as of 12/31/09 = $1104.00 per ounce of pure gold So .... (weight of 14kt gold) * (percent of pure gold) * (price of gold) = GOLD VALUE (3.527) * (52.5%) * (1104.00) = $2044.25

How much is 14kt 12kt or 10kt gold for scrap, How do you detirmine value before you set out to sell it?

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