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The coin, Abraham Lincoln 1861-1863 Gold One Dollar is valued around $20.

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What is the value of a 1984 Abraham Lincoln silver dollar?

The US Mint did not issue an Abraham Lincoln silver dollar in 1984. Please examine your coin and then submit a new question giving more information about the coin.

What is the value of an Abraham Lincoln gold dollar dated 1861 1865?

It's a 2010 presidential dollar coin, and it's worth one dollar. 1861-65 were the years Lincoln was in office.

What is the value of an Abraham lincoln gold dollar dated 1861-1865?

it is not old or made out of gold. it was made in 2010.

What is the value of the Abraham Lincoln coin worth?

Abraham Lincoln is on every United States penny. The value of an Abraham Lincoln coin is worth one penny or more depending on the year, rarity, and condition.

What is the Value of an Abraham Lincoln Golden dollar?

Not gold but brass. It is only worth face value unless they have the mintmark "S". The mintmark is located on the rim of the coin.

1963 Lincoln half dollar value?

There is no such coin. Look at your Lincoln CENTS to see a picture of Abraham Lincoln. Halves minted in 1963 carry a portrait of Ben Franklin. They're worth about $6.

What is the value of a 5 dollar bill only printed on the Abraham Lincoln side?

Your 5 dollar bill only printed on one side is worthless. It is counterfeit. It was made by a copy machine.

What is the value of a dollar gold coin with Abraham Lincoln on it?

Unless it is a proof or special coin, it is worth $1.00 USD.It is a Presidential series dollar coin (brass), and the date (2010) can be found on the edge.One dollar.

What is the value of 1809 to 1865 Abraham Lincoln coin?

What is a letter value at that he has signed

What is the value of a 1966 Lincoln half dollar?

Please check your coin again. Lincoln is on the penny, JFK is on the half dollar.

What is the value of 1861 Abraham Lincoln presidential commemorative medallion?

There were a variety of Abraham Lincoln Presidential Commemorative medallions that were minted. A good rule of thumb is approximately $8.00 and up in terms of value.

How much is a penny worth with Abraham Lincoln on it?

Lincoln has been on the penny since 1909. The value depends on the date and condition.

What is the value of a Abraham Lincoln copper piggy bank?

one cent isnt that the coin that he is on ?

What is the value of a 5 bill printed 1995 with Lincoln on it?

The value of a $5 bill, printed in 1995 with Abraham Lincoln on it, is worth $5. A bill from 1995 is not old enough to be worth anymore than the face value.

What is the value of a McCormick Distillery Co Abraham Lincoln design collector's bottle?

$1,000,00.00 because it is Abraham Lincoln and he rocks cause the 16th president is always the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from devyn Alexander redkey Indiana

What is value of Abraham presidential dollar coin with no year date?

The date and mintmark is on the edge of the coin, unless it's Proof it's just a dollar.

Is a pocket reference book that is leather Bound called Gettysburg Speech by Abraham Lincoln published by Barse and Hopkins circa 1860s of any significant historical value?

Yes, such a book is of considerable historical value. The Gettysburg Speech by president Abraham Lincoln, in which he talked about the country's slain president, is considered by many historians and Lincoln himself to be monumental.

What is value of mint condition 3 cents Abraham Lincoln US Postage Stamps?

There are a number of 3 cent Lincoln stamps. Value will depend on the version and condition. Consult a catalog to properly identify the stamp.

What is the value of an Abraham Lincoln gold 1 dollar coin?

The one-dollar US Lincoln coin is worth one dollar. It has no special value as a collectible. Remember ALL US "golden" dollar coins minted since 2000 are made of brass, not gold and are ordinary circulation coins. In fact, if you promise to put them into circulation, the US Mint will send you $250 worth free of shipping costs and you can use your credit card to buy them. This offer is good as of this date of April 13,2011. If you wait, you may not be able to get Lincoln, but later presidents will become available. See the related link for more information. As for the value unless you find a collector who is missing a particular one you may get more than a dollar but I doubt that will happen anytime soon. I recently sold a silver certificate paper dollar bill and only got $4 for it.

1910 lincoln wheat penny?

In average circulated grades the value is less than one dollar.

What did Abraham Lincoln value most?

After his first true love died. His friends put Lincoln on a suicide watch. Lincoln said the only reason he did not kill himself is because he had not made a positive change in the world. Lincoln wanted to be remembered.

What is the difference between dime and cent?

A dime is small,silver and its value is 10 cents A cent is the unit for the coins under a dollar A cent (so one cent) is one penny that is made of copper and is brown and usually has Abraham Lincoln imprinted on it

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