How much is Cindy McCain worth?

Updated: 12/11/2022
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It is hard to say, since her holdings in Hensley and Co., her Budweiser beer distributorship, are not known and the company currently seems undervalued. She may own a majority share of the company, and it grosses $300 million annually. The current market value of Hensley is approximately $250 million, but if it were valued like a .com company, it's value would be about 4 X annual gross revenue, which would make it worth $1.2 billion. The most conservative estimates say that she is worth around $100 million, and that is probably about right, considering that she could not just dump her stock and have it retain its value. However, through financial mergers/acquisitions, increased beer consumption, Hensley could become worth billions (like if John McCain becomes president and Budweiser suddenly becomes more of a symbol of America). In that case, she could become a billionaire ... almost as rich as John Kerry's wife. The most authoritative article I have found on the topic is this one ...

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Q: How much is Cindy McCain worth?
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