How much is Sony vaio?

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In a nutshell? Way, much more than they ever should! Or need to! I think Wik. P.,hit the nail right on the head when they said that they were way more 'overbuilt' than they need to be. AND because of that, I think they have also had WAY more systemic issues with failing systems, and programs, and utilities, than Sony would like to talk about. (At least imyhb) I picked up a used VGN-FS series, and it has been one thing right after another since I got it. And because of the way their systems and software and utilities are all bundled together, every thing that kicks on it turns out to be a MAJOR nightmare that ends up taking huge amounts of time to fix. First it was the sound, then the touchpad crapped out, Then, of course, I had huge probs getting the Vaio to "see" any of the peripherals I had plugged into it's handy-dandy 4 USB ports. I have a portable external floppy, and a mouse, or 2, (that I now NEEDED to have cuz of the touchpad). Of course none of them would work when plugged into the Vaio. They worked GREAT on any of the dozen or so, pc's I've used em on; took 5-10 sec's, went "bink", and worked fine! So be prepaired for long hours of re-loading drivers, and configuring utilities. And DON'T expect Sony tec support to help you out too much either. It was ALMOST more work to get tech support to pay attention, and try and get somebody who knows about this stuff. I would have to say they were about as much help as drought insurance in New Orleans. In fact, that Vaio, (that I started warmly referring to as "H.A.L.") IS still messed up.

I'm sorry, Dear, what was it you were asking now, "How much $$ is a VAIO???"..........

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Q: How much is Sony vaio?
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What type of product is a Sony Vaio Pink and how much is it?

The Sony Vaio Pink is a laptop (from Sony). It can also be a notebook computer. You can purchase it from Best Buy or buy it online. The price of the Pink Sony Vaio ranges from $490 to $1,000.

How much does a desktop Sony Vaio cost?

The Sony Vaio was only released a few years ago, so it is still relatively new, making the price higher. The Sony Vaio currently costs $3000.

How much is the Sony vaio laptop?

The price for Sony Vaio laptops varies between $700-$2000+, depending on design, performance, etc.

Where can you find reviews for the Sony Vaio?

The Sony Vaio is a laptop computer produced by the company Sony. Reviews for the Sony Vaio can be found on retail sites such as Amazon, or through consumer watchdog websites such as Which.

Which is better MacBook or Sony vaio?

I personally think that sony vaio is better because its much easier to use, it has better graphics, it also has from 250 to 650 GB i think and it can play blue-ray discs. for me sony vaio is just amazing

How much is a sony VAIO vgn fs 742w worth?

A Sony VAIO VGN FS 742W is worth $699.00. This price is as of 2014 in the United States.

Can Sony Vaio cases be bought directly from Sony?

Yes, Sony Vaio cases can be bought directly from Sony from their website store. They have a list of different Vaio cases available for sale and they start at $50.

Expand vaio as in Sony vaio?

Video Audio Intelligence Organizer - VAIO

Where could one purchase a Sony VAIO laptop in India?

In India a Sony VAIO laptop can be purchased through the Sony India website. There are also other online retailers which sell these Sony VAIO laptops.

Where online can one purchase a Sony VAIO laptop?

Sony VAIO laptops can be purchased from many different stores and retailers. Some examples that sell Sony VAIO laptops include Sony, BestBuy, and Flipkart.

What is vaio?

Vaio is the Personal computer division of Sony.

How much is a sony VAIO laptop?

Vaio laptops are premium laptops, so they range from about $550 to thousands of dollars.

Who manufactures the Vaio Laptop?

Vaio laptops are a sub-brand of Sony. Vaio laptops can be bought from Sony website online, many stores carry Sony products as well. VAIO is an acronym for Video Audio Integrated Operation.

Where can one purchase Sony Vaio Laptops?

There are many places where one can purchase Sony Vaio laptops. One can purchase Sony Vaio laptops at the official Sony website or at popular stores such as Best Buy and Target.

How much does the Sony laptop VAIO sale for used?

sony laptops are very good quality, it would really depend on how old it is and the condition of it. but a used sony vaio laptop could sell from $200 - $1000.

Where can one find the cheapest deals on a Sony VAIO?

There are many websites that sell the Sony VAIO. The best website to look at would be PriceGrabber because they have some of the cheapest Sony VAIO products.

Where can one purchase a Sony Vaio VGC?

One can purchase a Sony Vaio VGC from online stores such as the website Amazon and the bidding website eBay. Alternatively you may purchase a SONY Vaio VGC from the official Sony website.

What is the usual price of a Sony VAIO?

The price of a Sony VAIO can very depending on a few things such as where someone shops for one, the size, and the features it has. The usual price of a Sony VAIO cannot be found without the specifics of the type of VAIO someone is looking for.

How expensive is the Sony VAIO laptop?

The sony vaio laptops have a range of prices depending on what kind of features and memory you are looking for. The sony vaio laptop ranges in price from around $500 dollars and up.

How do you unlock your Sony Vaio?

Go to and look for 'how to unlock your edge-enabled sony vaio vgn-t350'

Is there a pink Sony Vaio laptop?

Yes there is a pink sony vaio laptop. But they are pricy but it depends on where you look to buy it from.

When was Sony VAIO M series created?

Sony VAIO M series was created on 2008-04-21.

Are Sony Vaio reviews mostly positive?

Sony vaio computers are generally well-liked as they are marketed as "top tier" computers. However, the main con most people find in the Sony Vaio is the price. The price point of most Sony Vaio computers is over the 1,000 dollar mark.

What manufacturer makes Vaio computers?

Vaio is a brand owned by Sony. Vaio includes notebooks, desktops and media centres. The Sony Vaio S series are stylish laptops that offer modest performance.

Who invented the Sony vaio?

sony WA son