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How much is a 49 star flag worth?

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I have usa 50th star flaG, how much is worth

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What is the value of a 49 star American Flag?

You forgot a star. Lolz. About 150 dollars

How much is the Forever Flag Stamp 2012 worth?

Whatever the first class postage rate is. Currently 49 cents.

How many stars were on the American flag in 1964?

The flag of the United States of America in 1964 had 50 stars, the same as today. The 50 star US flag is the longest flying flag in US history, second only to the 48 star flag. When Alaska was admitted to the USA in 1959 we had a 49 star flag. Then in 1960 another star was added for the new state of Hawaii making it a 50 star flag.

Is there a 49-star American Flag?

Yes. Alaska was admitted to the union in 1959, while Hawaii wasn't added until 1960. So for a period of one year, there was a 49-star flag, with 7 staggered rows of 7 stars each. Please click the link to see a picture.

Why are there 50 stars on the American flag?

There are 50 stars on the flag representing the 50 states that make up the United State of America. The 13 stripes (alternating red and white) represent the 13 original colonies. Those 13 are:DelawarePennsylvaniaNew JerseyGeorgiaConnecticutMassachusettsMarylandSouth CarolinaNew HampshireVirginiaNew YorkNorth CarolinaRhode IslandThe flags that followed and the states it represented being added are:15 Star flag (1795-1818) - Vermont, Kentucky20 Star flag (1818-1819) - Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee21 Star flag (1819-1830) - Illinois23 Star flag (1820-1822) - Alabama, Maine24 Star flag (1822-1836) - Missouri25 Star flag (1836-1837) - Arkansas26 Star flag (1837-1845) - Michigan27 Star flag (1845-1846) - Florida28 Star flag (1846-1847) - Texas29 Star flag (1847-1848) - Iowa30 Star flag (1848-1851) - Wisconsin31 Star flag (1851-1858) - California32 Star flag (1858-1859) - Minnesota33 Star flag (1859-1861) - Oregon34 Star flag (1861-1863) - Kansas35 Star flag (1863-1865) - West Virginia36 Star flag (1865-1867) - Nevada37 Star flag (1867-1877) - Nebraska38 Star flag (1877-1890) - Colorado43 Star flag (1890-1891) - Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington44 Star flag (1891-1896) - Wyoming45 Star flag (1896-1908) - Utah46 Star flag (1908-1912) - Oklahoma48 Star flag (1912-1959) - Arizona, New Mexico49 Star flag (1959-1960) - Alaska50 Star flag (1960-present) - Hawaii

Why did the US flag have 49 stars?

For a very brief period of time - between Alaska's statehood on January 3, 1959 to Hawaii's statehood on August 21, 1959 - there were 49 states, so there were 49 stars on the US flag. Hawaii was the 50th state to join the Union. It was a territory of the United States since 1898. Prior to that, it had been a sovereign nation. Territories of the United States do not have a star on the U.S. flag.

Why would one star be missing on the American flag?

If your flag has 49 stars it may have been made between July 4, 1959, and July 3, 1960, when that was the official number of stars.

Did we ever have a 49 star flag?

Yes, when Alaska joined the US in 1959, it was only for a couple of months though, Hawaii joined later that year.

How many stars on the flag with stars in a circle American flag?

There are no documented 13 star flags in existence so we don't know how the stars were arranged except from period illustrations.Those illustrations show a tremendous variety of star patterns. Flags with circular star patterns have been used and/or proposed continually since 1795 to the present time. So the answer is "from 13 to 50."(I have a 50-star flag where the arrangement of stars is a double circle.) Though I must admit that I have never seen a 49-star flag with the stars arranged in a circle.

When did you get your current American flag?

The current flag of the United States of America has 50 stars representing 50 states. When Hawaii was admitted to the U.S.A. a 50th star was added to our 49 star flag on July 4th, 1960. New stars are added to the flag on July 4th following the date when the new state was admitted to the U.S.A. July 4th is the date of our formal Declaration of independence from Great Britain in 1776.

How long did the US flag have 49 stars?

The US flag had 49 stars for one year from 1959 July 4 to 1960.Both Alaska and Hawaii joined the union in 1959, with Alaska joining on January 3, and Hawaii joining after July 4 on August 21.On1960 July 4,the 50th star was added to the US flag to represent Hawaii, the 50th state, making the official flag the same one that is in use today.

How many stars were on the American flag in 1945?

48 stars. Reason being Alaska and Hawaii weren't states until 1959. Our 49 star flag became official on July 4th 1959 for Alaska who joined the US in January 1959. Since Hawaii joined the US in August 1959 the 50 star flag became official on July 4th 1960.

How many stars were on the US flag in 1947?

13 stars were on the flag to represent the 13 colonies.

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