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How much is a 89 Camaro z28 worth?


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Nothing, there is no such thing as an 89 Camaro Z28

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nope, camaro dropped the iroc sponsorship after '89 then the dodge daytona got it. the camaro was only available in an iroc fron 85-89

235 HP for Z28, 240 HP for the IROC. The are the factory specs, and the engines are TPI.

There are many places where one can purchase an 89 Camaro. One can purchase an 89 Camaro at popular on the web sources such as eBay Motors and Auto Trader.

Yes it will.I put a hood from an 86 put on my 91 RS and it fit perfect. I later dumped it for a new 89 Z28 hood cause the 86 hood was not cherry.

Pretty much the same engine. Most of the differences in the engines in the Camaro, Firebird, and Vette were nothing more than the tuning in the computer. Sometimes a little better exhaust system. About the only thing that MAY be different when it comes to the mechanicals of the engine would be the camshaft. But I doubt that even that is different.

if its an automatic it is a 700r4

Check battery and battery conections first

82-92 are interchangeable

I have taken my up to 115 on a very long highway not sure how much faster they will go

well now in 2013 a Hershey's bar is worth 79 to 89 cents

You sure love that camaro man i been answering questions about a 89 camaro since the day they wanted tobuy it. Yes you can but you need to modify the engine mounts on your "89" camaro. You might have other problems that you and me might not think of but any thing is possible and yes you can.

I honestly dont know how many were made but i own a 89 camaro with t-tops sorry I wasnt much help on your question tho. I currently own an '89 camaro with T-tops and know that there was a production of a mere 184,000 camaro's in all and about maybe about 15,000 T-Top production cars were made that year.

that depends on condition of the rest of the car, and how much you already have in it,and whether yo want to spend money on it. personally , just because it is chev i wouldn't spend a nickel on it

89 was the first year the RS designation came to thethird gen camaro. It came with a V6 or an optional 305 upgrade.

The fuel filter is in the line back at the tank

check out this website they can answer anything

If it's the 6 cyl-1,2,3,4,5,6.

According to Tracy Chapman Autobiography and Facts, her worth is no less than 89 million.

Your best bet is to hire a locksmith.

check for a burnt fuse in the fuse box.

should be directly above the oil filter

Depends on engine and transmission...

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