How much is a Labrador dog in the Gold Coast?

Depends - if you adopt from a place like PAWS or Anti-Cruelty (which I highly recommend), it's $95 to $275, depending on whether you get a puppy or a dog, and from which agency. If you go through a reputable breeder, it can cost thousands. Pet shops and backyard breeders, which are riskier in terms of knowing what you're getting, could be anywhere from $400-$1000 or more, depending on where you go.

For my rescued lab, it costs around $5 a day for food, and we've spent about $1000 in vet bills in the first year, even after PAWS covered a lot of the initial expenses (turned out he has mild elbow issues, which are common, but spent $400+ on xrays to find out!!!). We've spent hundreds on toys, but he likes blankets, pillows, shoes, and by far tennis balls (the orange chuck-its) the best!