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Do you have a picture of it that you can e mail me.

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Q: How much is a Meriden model 15 pump 22 worth?
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Have a 22cal rifle with an octagon barrel and pump type slide made by meriden firearms what is value?

Depends on model and condition. These were not extremely expensive- today would be worth $100-$150

How much is a JC Higgins Sears 12 gauge pump model no - 102.25 worth?

What is a 12 gauge pump 102.25 worth

How much is cbc model 586 pump shotgun worth?


Meriden model 15 22 pump rifle with serial number 1328?

10-100 USD or so

When was Meriden model 15 22 pump rifle with serial number 21300 made?

No published sn data in the public domain.

What is western field model xnh569h 20 gauge pump shotgun worth?

how much money is a westernfield model xnh569h

How much is a Benjamin Franklin pump pellet gun model 132 worth in good shape worth?

Around $50

Where can you find information about a Meriden Firearms model 15 22 pump?

Not much information is available on Meriden Firearms, but you might go to the library and locate Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms. Then look through all the books on that shelf. The Meriden company was set up by Sears Roebuck to manufacture firearms for sale through their catalog and retail stores. It lasted from about 1905 to 1915.

How old a model 67F western field 20 gauge pump A? much i a springfield 20 guage pump worth

How much is a browning model 120 12 gauge worth?

Impossible to answer without a detalied description of all markings and features.

How much is a 12 gauge wards pump model 30 rifle worth?

50-200 USD or so

How much is a browning 12 gage pump 30 barrel field model worth?

55-500 usd

How much is a model 200 ted williams edition 12 gauge pump winchester worth?

175 USD

What is a Winchester model 1875 pump shot gun worth?

No such shotgun model number/

What is the age of a 22 caliber Meriden Model 35 pump patented in 1912 with an octagonal barrel?

It had to be manufactured between the 1912 patent date and 1915 when the company ceased operations.

What is a Winchester rifle model 1890 22short pump worth?

its worth $400-$500 cash

What is rem 30 cal pump rifle worth?

If it is the model 141 then in 90% condition it is worth about $300. If it is the model 14 then add $75 to it. If it is the model 141 then in 90% condition it is worth about $300. If it is the model 14 then add $75 to it.

How much is a antique pump organ worth?

not much

How much is a Remington Model 31 20 gauge pump shotgun worth?

I don't know how long ago you asked this question, but do you have this gun??

What is a JC Higgins model 20 12 gauge shotgun worth?

what is a. jc Higgins pump shot gun. model 20-12 gauge worth??

What is the worth of a Western Field Model XNH565D Pump Shot Gun?


What year model is a savage model 170 30-30 pump a598561?

what is a 16ga bolt action j.c.higgens model 58314 worth

How much is the22 premier pump rifle worth?

The 22pump rifle made by premier how much is it worth

How much is your antique pump organ worth?

1800 farrand pump organ value

How much for winchester 1897 pump worth?

This question cannot be answered without you giving a detailed description of the overall condition of your Winchester model 1897 shotgun.

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