How much is a copy of The Dead Secret written by Wilkie Collins and published by the FMlupton publishing company worth?

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It seems to sell for about $13 on Ebay.
Amazon has the price listed as 13.57 for a paperback
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How do you get published?

The easiest way to get published is through a wikizine (wiki-magazine). The most popular one is Millennial Magazine. If you submit your story/article it usually gets published online within a few hours for many others to read. It worked for me! Answer from KingofStarfox: Getting published, i ( Full Answer )

Who was the publishing company for 'The Wizard of Oz'?

Answer #1 . The following link may be interest you: Answer #2 . George M. Hill Company of Chicago and New York, in Chicago, IL, in 1900.. The book also is ka The Wizard of Oz, which was published by M.A. Donohue & Co Publishers, in Chicago. Co ( Full Answer )

What does a music publishing company do?

Music publishing companies make sure that the writer, composer, or producer is paid for their songs. They are also used to market songs to artist

Who is Suzanne Collins' publisher?

Suzanne Collins is the author of the highly successful Hunger GamesTrilogy. Her publisher is Scholastic who are based out of Danbury,CT.

What is publisher?

Publisher is Microsoft's desktop publishing application. It enables you to create professional looking documents, like magazines or newsletters or posters etc.

Who is the publisher?

The publisher depends on what is being published. Music often has adifferent kind of publisher than children's books for example.

What is the role of a publishing company?

If you want to sell a book, you would normally hire an agent. The agent hires an editor who reads through the book to make sure its legible etc. From here, the agent and sometimes author start getting in touch with publishing houses/companies. The role of the publishing company is to release the bo ( Full Answer )

What publishing companies publish children's books?

Question: do you mean Children's Books - AKA books that children want to read - or do you mean Books that are Written BY a Child? Scholastic is a major. Also, puffin, harpercollins, penguin, dk publishings, kids can press, free spirit publishing, candlewick press, golden books, lee and low, and mu ( Full Answer )

What is a publishing?

To prepare and issue (printed material) for public distribution or sale.. To bring to the public attention; announce. . for ghost publishing check

When was 'The Hobbit' published and by what company?

The Hobbit was published in 1937. It was released on September 21, 1937 in England. In the United States it was released on 1938. Houghton Mifflin Company in the US published the books. Allen & Unwin published them in Great Britain.

When was The Secret Garden published?

It was initially published in serial format starting in autumn 1910; the book was first published in its entirety in 1911.

What are opinions on Lombardi Publishing Company?

It does not seem so, since BBB reports 38 complaints in the last 36 months, its standard reporting period. All 38 complaints show as answered or resolved. The company is not a member of BBB. We have no idea how many subscribers there are and therefor cannot assign an incidence rate.

How much is play money made by Whitman publishing company worth?

Try finding the value of your play money made by Whitman publishing company with iTaggit's new tool ValueRange It. Hope this helps. About iTaggitiTaggit is a trusted, simple web-based management system for valuing members' household items and collectibles. The website enables users to easily value, ( Full Answer )

Which company can publish your book?

look at some of the bookks you already own...choose your favorite book and look arouund the first few pages or so for the company. Once you find the company then look them up. You can either find their e-mail or the address and let them do the rest!

How ethical is Dorrance publishing company?

Dorrance Publishing is quite ethical. I've worked with them for a number of years and have been nothing but impressed with their dedication to their authors. If you take a look at their publishing agreements, everything is spelled out. You don't get any surprises. They seem to be in it for the long ( Full Answer )

What are the jobs in a publishing company?

Job functions in publishing companies depend on the size of the company. Larger companies will need assistant/junior editors, editorial staff, copy-editors, commissioning editor, sales and marketing staff, graphic designers, IT technicians (becoming particularly important thanks to the development o ( Full Answer )

Is lombardi publishing company a scam?

No its not. You can visit or and contact customer service for a prompt response. . Lombardi Publishing takes the quality of our materials as seriously as we take our content; from concept - to print - to you. . Our objective is to help our c ( Full Answer )

Who was publisher Prentiss Whitney and did he work with the Boston Bewick Company to publish stereotyped copies of the Declaration of Independence?

Prentiss Whitney (1787-1870) was an auctioneer at 30 Washington St. Boston in the 1830's and 1840's. His ancestor Rev. Peter Whitney of Northborough, Ma was one of the first to call for publishing the Declaration of Independence ("American independence vindicated. A sermon delivered September 12, 17 ( Full Answer )

What was the first novel written by Wilkie Collins?

Collins's first published novel was called Antonina , and was published in 1850. However, the first novel he wrote was called Iolani, though it went unpublished for over 150 years.

Is the Lombardi Publishing company a scam?

Two contributors have responded to the question. One is a customerand the other purports to be a representative of Lombardi. Theseare two opposing views and both must be considered to be opinionsrather than verifiable facts. Note to contributors: Other comments and experiences may be addedif they o ( Full Answer )

What company published Battlefield 3?

Battlefield 3 was published by American video game developer, marketer, publisher and distributor Electronic Arts and multinational video game software developer Sega Corporation (Japan).

Is there such a publishing company called scn publishing?

No i dont think so. I think it is someone who is advertiseing an envelope scam. You send them $35 dollars to get the materials and they send you back junk mail that does not pertain to the stuffing of envelopes. I tryed it myself and got scamed. The better bussines buero needs to get involved becaus ( Full Answer )

Are there any publishing companies that publish books by children?

Publishing companies and agents do not ask your age when you submit a work. Get the latest copy of Writer's Market and find some publishers who are looking for your type of work. If it's good enough, they will buy it -- if you are underage, your parents will have to help sign the paperwork to make i ( Full Answer )

Where can you get it published?

Depends what the 'it' is. The 'it' you mean is probably a book, which in most cases you need an agent to talk to a publisher, or they won't look at your work. You can pay to self publish with companies like AuthorHouse, who published the well known book 'Legally Blonde'

Where is Walsworth Publishing Company located?

Corporate offices of Walsworth Publishing Company are located at 306 N Kansas Ave., Marceline, Missouri 64658. Theys have a prepress location in Brookfield, Missouri, two printing and bindery facilities- one is Marceline, Missouri, and one in Saint Joseph, Michigan, as well as a Yearbook Sales and ( Full Answer )

What type of books does Harper Collins publish?

Harper Collins publishes a variety of genres. They've published biographies as well as many children's books. Some of their most notable works are "If I Did it," "A Series of Unfortunate Events," and "East and West."

Where is the West Publishing company located?

The publishing company known as Western Publishing was located in Wisconsin before it was sold. There is also a publishing company known as West (and sometimes referred to as West Publishing) that has headquarters in Minnesota.

What is your favorite book publishing company?

One's favorite book publishing company is a judgement that is entirely subjective. The answer to this questions depends on one's individual interests and taste in books.

What company publishes the Profit magazine?

Profit is a magazine aimed at entrepreneurs and business people in Canada. It is published by Oracle. It also has an online version called Profit Online.

Who publishes the Collins dictionary?

The Collins English Dictionary is published by HarperCollins in Glasgow, Scotland. The first edition was released in 1979, and now it is available in both printed and internet versions.

What is the company Brilliance Audio publishing?

Founded in 1984, the company Brilliance Audio has been publishing audio books since then. Furthermore, Brilliance Audio is currently the national leader in independent audiobook publishing.

What companies publish children's dictionaries?

There are many companies that publish dictionaries for children. Some examples of some companies that publish dictionaries for children includes Dogear Publishing and Archway Publishing.

What has the author Wilkie Collins written?

Wilkie Collins has written: 'Blind love' -- subject(s): Fiction, Secret societies, Married women, Conspiracies 'El Legado de Cain' 'The Moonstone' 'The frozen deep, and other tales' 'No Name, V2' 'Miss Bertha and the Yankee and Other Stories' 'The fallen leaves' -- subject(s): Accessib ( Full Answer )