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i have it and its amazing it caused atleast 150- to 200 its worth it

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โˆ™ 2008-08-17 01:54:20
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Q: How much is a lg env 2 without a contract?
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How much does a LG enV Touch costs without a plan?


How much are the LG Env phones?

Over $100 for the most.$79.99 if you buy online with the 2 year contract. $149.99 otherwise.

What is better the blackberry storm or the LG EnV touch?

LG enV Touch

When was LG enV Touch created?

LG enV Touch was created in 2009.

How much is an LG octane?

$224 without a contract

How much would a lg env 2 cost if you already have a contract?

if you are elegible for the 100$ discount, then only like $60ish if not then close to $160 probs.

How much is the lg xenon without a contract?

i think it is $399.99

How much is an LG enV?

The enV has been succeeded by the enV3, enV Touch and the Voyager. Handset RRPs are as follows.enV3 - $399.99enV Touch - $499.99Voyager - $399.99

What cell phone plan can the env touch be used on?

The cell phone known as the LG enV touch can only be used with the Verizon Wireless cell phone service. Verizon is the only service that can be used with the LG enV touch because Verizon bought the phone from LG and LG signed a contract with Verizon stating that this phone will not be used on any other services.

How much is the LG Crystal?

Prices found on Without a contract, the LG Crystal would be 489 dollars.- With a contract, the LG Crystal would be 189 dollars.

How much is the LG enV Touch?

The LG enV touch is 99$ after rebate I got my enV touch for only $29.99 after rebate. It just depends on what store you go to and the person that helps you. But you can ask for it for only $29.99 and most likely you will get it!

Which is better between the lg voyager and the lg env touch?

The difference between the env touch and the voyager is that the voyager has the space key on the side, and the env touch has it in the middle. ithink the env touch is a little bit bigger too.

What is better lg dare or lg env touch?

the touch by ALOT

How durable is the lg env?

Due to its funny, brick-like form factor, the original Lg Env phone is very durable. ~Kevin -_-

Where can you get a lg env touch?

You can purchase the LG enV touch at any of your local Verizon wireless shops or at our website! This Answer Was Brought to You by, Verizon Wireless

What kinda phone is LG?

the enV touch

Which Phone is Better Pantech Matrix or Lg Env touch?

the env3 is so much better..

How much does the lg en v touch cost without contract?

Roughly $400 to $500

What phone is better lg octane or lg env touch?

I would go for the lg env touch. Reasons because it has a better camera, it comes with a few games, has cool messaging features, and it is slim and thin unlike the lg octane which is bulky and thick. So all around the lg env touch is the better phone. Hope this helped!

Is the LG enV 3 a good phone?

The LG enV 3 is an awesome phone! It has a 3.2 megapixel camera/camcorder, a full QWERTY keyboard (for texting fanatics), an mp3 player... Rated 4.5 stars by Verizon Wireless, the LG enV 3 is a great phone.

When did the enV come out?

The enV phone came out in 2009. It was a big deal when it first came out. It was manufactured by LG.

How much does the lg enV2 cost without a 2 year plan?

279.99 without 2 yr contract....199.99 with 1 yr contract....and 79.99 with 2 yr contract.... your welcome

What kind of phone does Blair waldorf have?

Its the LG enV

Does Samsung rogue have wifi?

No, but the lg env touch does.

Will there be an LG enV touch 2?

yes it is boss!