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Like anything, it is worth what someone is willing to pay. I am in the market for a black powder shotgun. If you are interested in selling, please email me

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Q: How much is a navy arms black powder shotgun worth?
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Is the 16ga central arms doublebarrell shotgun black powder or modern shot?

Requires examination by a competent gun smith.

Who made the White Powder Wonder shotgun?

Stevens Arms.

Need information on a richland arms 45 cal black powder rifle with serial number 2142?

need a fair price of what it might be worth for an old richland arms 45 cal. black powder rifle with serial no. 2142

What is navy arms 44 black powder serial number 101322 worth?

depending on condition $150 - $250

What is a Thompson center arms thunderhawk 50 cal black powder worth?

50-350 depending on specifics

How much is a Connecticut Valley Arms 32 caliber black powder revolver worth?

a32 caliber black power connecticut a thousand dollar

We won a Thompson Arms 50 cal black powder rifle with a of 46155 and was wondering what it was worth?

200-400 USD

Are there any state a felon can hunt in with black powder rifle or shotgun?

You may have to check with your individual state of residence. However, be advised that Federal statutes (US Code, Title 18) specifically describes and defines black powder arms as "firearms" under the law.

What is a Stevens Arms Westpoint Model 948E shotgun worth?

The value of a Westpoint shotgun will depend on the weapon's condition. If in excellent condition the shotgun is worth $500.

How much is your Connecticut Valley Arms Inc..54 Caliber Black powder gun model 812684 worth?

100-300 USD

How much is a Steven's 12ga model 770 shotgun made by Savage Arms Corp worth?

how much is a steven's 12ga model 770 shotgun made by savage arms corp worth?

When was Ithaca shotgun 432467 made and how much is it worth?

You may contact Ithaca arms and they will date your shotgun for you.