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What Condition is it in? That determines the value.

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Q: How much is a power line 922 22cal pellet gun worth?
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Is the daisy 880 power line a powerful bb gun?

750 fps./BB; 665 fps./pellet The name Power-line may be a little misleading. Modern Pellet rifles are capable of firing a pellet at 1000+ fps. But this is a combination BB and Pellet gun and as far as BB rifles goes 750 fps is a good speed for a BB. This is about as fast as they can possibly go. I own 2 of these and find them very entertaining to shoot for fun.

How much is a daisy power line 822 worth?

What condition is it in? That determines the value.

What size pellet does a 130 Benjamin pistol use?

the Benjamin model 130 doesn't use a pellet it was designed for a .175 caliberBB. The 130 line of rifles came in 3 sizes. the 130 fired a BB, the 132 fired a .22 caliber pellet and the 137 fired a .177 caliber pellet. they were made between 1946 to 1985

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Need a clip for a 171 22cal long rifle?

Gun show, gun shop, pawn shop, on line auction, want ad, for sale ad, egunparts.

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When digging it's possible to hit an underground power line. Hitting an underground power line can be very dangerous and is similar to having contact with an overhead line.

How do you sight a power line 880 bb gun?

How do you sight a power line 880 bb gun?

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line line cell

When removing the motherboard youll find a main power line and maybe one auxiliary power line from the power supply to the motherboard?

Yes, and that "aux" line is usually for the CPU fan.

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When removing the motherboard you'll find a main power line and maybe one auxiliary power line from the power supply to the motherboard?


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High Standard 22cal 9shot revolver mfg hamden conn model r 100 how old is this gun?

I also have one of these pistols. Have you had any responses off line to your inquiry?

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performance of transsion line of nigeria power system

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Phase, if you are referring to line, as power line from pole.

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Touching a power line is very dangerous, they carry high voltage and can easily electrocute you.

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The higher-voltage line will have longer insulators and the line conductors will be further apart. And the symbol for kilovolt is 'kV', not 'kv'.

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When removing the motherboard you'll find the main power line and maybe one auxiliary power line from the power supply on the motherboard?

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